5 Tips About Air Conditioning in Macon GA

Published on: September 21, 2012

Macon GA, like many cities in the Southern United States, has some of the most powerful summers and surprising winters of any locale in the world. In order to condition the living spaces there, the air conditioning in Macon GA must be powerful as well.

In order to be powerful enough to counteract the whims of nature during the hottest and coldest days of the year in the Southern US, air conditioning units must be taken care of. Below are five tips on how to care for your air conditioning in Macon GA.

One – Always run the air conditioning in Macon with the ceiling fans in a living space.

In order to save energy, ceiling fans and AC units should be used in tandem all the time. This method saves energy through the reduction of the heat index, or the difference between the actual temperature in a room and the perceived temperature in that space.

Make sure that during the summer, your ceiling fans are set to blow air downward. In the winter months, your ceiling fans should be set to blow air upwards. This will reduce the heat index most efficiently, relieving you of the need to play around with the thermostat needlessly.

Two – Make sure that you put your AC unit on a routine scheduled maintenance program.

Certain problems, especially those that have been allowed to build over time, are only accessible to a certified professional. Many parts of an AC unit contain fluids that are toxic to the human body. Special equipment is needed to make headway in that space. Putting your AC unit on a scheduled regimen of clean up will help to avoid many of the larger problems that air conditioners can have because of mold buildup, condensation and clogged air passageways.

Three – Do the maintenance that you can do yourself on a regular basis.

Most AC units have filters that can be cleaned by a layperson. However, if this task is not undertaken on a regular basis, many more serious problems may actually begin. Filters are especially important to clean; however, certain other parts of the AC unit such as the drip pan and the refrigeration chemicals also need maintenance on a routine basis.

Four – Do not manually change your thermostat if at all possible.

If you have an AC unit that has an automatic thermostat adjustment, try to use that instead of manually adjusting your thermostat. Most of the time, humans overcompensate because of the heat index in a living space. This overcompensation serves only to create more energy usage, not more comfort in the living space.

Five – Keep your indoor air at a consistent temperature to save energy.

If you want to save the most energy, keep your indoor air consistent. Do not turn your AC unit on and off repeatedly in the hopes of saving energy. This actually serves to use up more energy as the AC unit must work harder to return the indoor environment to your preferred temperature when you turn it back on.