Benefits of Installing a New Heating and Cooling System in Your Fort Walton Beach Home

Published on: September 13, 2012

Heating and cooling systems have been upgraded far beyond what anyone thought that the HVAC industry would be able to do in the past five years. Having a new heating and cooling installation done by the proper Fort Walton Beach company is a great way to improve the quality of your life there while also decreasing the amount of money that you spend on energy usage by your AC system.

Below are a few of the benefits to calling for a new heating and cooling installation from your dedicated heating and cooling Fort Walton Beach company.

One – You can fully expect the quality of your indoor air to rise noticeably.

A new heating and cooling installation with a modern multi tiered filter will definitely improve the quality of your indoor air. Single filter systems have simply been outmatched by the improvements that have been made across the board to HVAC systems.

Multi tiered filter systems have a separate filter for each of the different types of contaminants that may appear in the outside air. Everything from mold spores all the way to pollen has a separate filter that is made especially to catch that type of contaminant. The result is much cleaner air as well as a cleaner canvas for the air conditioning unit to work with. This cuts down on the wear and tear inside of the machine. Mold spores especially can mix with the condensation that a heating and cooling system makes to cause very serious problems. Multi tiered filtration systems keep much of this from ever happening in the first place.

Two – The energy efficiency of your heating and cooling system will rise.

As the more efficient methods of air production and more efficient systems combine, the result is less energy used for the same amount of power output. This means that your bill on the first of the month will not increase (and may actually decrease), but you will notice a definite increase in the capacity of your heating and cooling Fort Walton Beach system.

You can actually look for the heating and cooling systems that have energy efficiency stickers now. They do not mean that the system will be less powerful; on the contrary, the sticker means many times that the system will be much more powerful as well as less expensive to use.

Three – New dual compressor technologies keep your system healthy even through the toughest weather conditions.

Before with single compressor systems, air conditioners could be knocked for a loop with one rise in the heat index. The workload was positioned on one hub in a single compressor system. A dual compressor system splits this workload and assures the air conditioning system overall of more stability through unpredictable or extreme weather. It also means less repair bills because of overload on the system.