3 Top Tips About Air Conditioning in Montgomery AL

Published on: September 21, 2012

Although Montgomery AL is one of the smaller cities in the Southern United States, it certainly has a history of big weather changes and a need for powerful air conditioning units. This is why air conditioning in Montgomery AL is more expensive than in many other cities of similar size in other parts of the United States.

Below are three top tips on efficient air conditioning in Montgomery AL.

One – Always run the air conditioning along with the ceiling fans for the best performance.

Conditioned air that is stagnant will still have the psychological effect of a high heat index. Basically, this means that the air feels hotter than it actually is. This psychological effect can be allayed by moving the air through the use of the ceiling fans.

The major advantage to reducing the heat index in a living space is that less energy will be used by the AC unit in order to bring the air to an acceptable level. If less energy is used by the AC unit, the heating and cooling bill at the end of the month will be substantially less. The AC unit will also have to work less hard, which will eventually save you a great deal of money on the wear and tear of the unit. Less repairs needed means less money spent on parts and repairmen.

Two – Automatic adjustments always beat manual adjustments.

When it comes to your thermostat, it is always best to let the machines have it in Montgomery AL. Because of the effects of the heat index and the humidity in the city, it can seem almost 20 degrees hotter in the summer than it actually is. This kind of psychological difference in the temperatures can cause people to make very drastic changes to their thermostats, which do not result in a more effective performance of the AC unit. In fact, the only thing that usually results is a higher monthly heating bill.

If you have not yet upgraded to an AC system that has automatic adjustments for the thermostat, it is definitely time to do so. The more subtle changes of the automatic adjusters in the AC unit will use less energy while creating a greater effect to counteract the humidity and the heat index.

Three – Keep a regularly scheduled maintenance program for your AC unit.

Most of the big problems that AC units have in especially hot cities have to do with a lack of routine check ups. The filters and drip pans have not been emptied, so the AC unit has to work harder to compensate for clogged air passageways and water in the system. If you have a professional come by and take a regular look at your AC unit, you can avoid many of the more serious and expensive problems that people in hot cities have.