5 Tips About Air Conditioning in Savannah GA

Published on: September 7, 2012

When it comes to tips about air conditioning in Savannah GA, the bottom line is comfort and savings. Savannah, GA is well known for its scorching hot summers and unexpectedly cool winters. No matter what kind of AC system that you have, there are a few tips about air conditioning that you can take in.

One – Always run your air conditioning unit along with your ceiling fans for better, more cost efficient performance.

One of the top tips about air conditioning in Savannah GA is that ceiling fans can drastically increase the efficiency of your automated unit. The heat index that you feel indoors causes most people to turn up or turn down the thermostat more than it actually needs to be adjusted. This causes more energy to be used. More energy means a higher monthly heating and cooling bill.

A few nuances about this strategy: Make sure that your fan is set to blow air downward in the summer and upward in the winter to get the most of your ceiling fans. Also, do not run your ceiling fans by themselves; this simply blows around unconditioned air, which does not help anything (while continuing to use energy).

Two – Clean your filters for the best performance.

Your filters serve as the first line of defense for your air conditioner. If they are not clean, you make the entire unit work that much harder to clean your indoor air. Again, more energy means a higher bill at the end of the month.

For most air conditioning units, you do not need a professional to clean your filters. They should be cleaned at least once a month, more often in especially volatile weather conditions.

Three – Clean your drip pan and watch for mold buildup in your air conditioning unit.

Mold buildup can cause premature breakdowns in your air conditioning unit, causing you to have to spend money on repairs that would otherwise not have to be performed. However, you can avoid the more serious cases of mold buildup if you simply check your drip pan from time to time and clean it when the condensation in it looks to be overflowing.

Four – Invest in an automatic thermostat.

As far as tips about air conditioning in Savannah GA go, few are more important than upgrading to the appropriate modern technologies in order to save money. One such investment is an automatic thermostat.

An automatic thermostat will keep you from manually overcompensating for the heat index inside of your living space. Drastic manual changes in a thermostat reading do not improve indoor comfort; they only serve to raise the monthly bills and repair visits.

Five – The most important of all the tips about air conditioning: Put your unit on a steady preventive checkup regimen.

Only professionals will be able to find many of the problems that you are sure to have with your air conditioning system. As far as tips about air conditioning go, this is definitely the most important.