Benefits and Savings of New AC Installation in Augusta GA

Published on: September 7, 2012

When many homeowners find that the time has come for a new AC installation, their first thoughts go to the up front expense, including the labor costs involved. While this is a natural reaction, it is important to stop and think about the benefits and savings that purchasing that new system will bring to the table. In fact, once you begin to consider all the advantages of a new AC installation in Augusta GA, you may wonder why it took so long to get around to making the switch.

New Technology

If the heating ventilation and air conditioning system in your Augusta GA home has been in place for more than ten years, chances are that the new system will come with a few bells and whistles that were not available way back when. Thanks to advances in the technology used for home cooling systems, you will find the new AC unit is easier to operate and is also more energy efficient.

Some of the changes will be more for your comfort than anything else. For example, did you know that some systems today include remote control capability? Rather than having to get up and adjust the thermostat, you can use a remote control device to make the changes. This means you can change the temperature setting without having to leave your favorite chair.

Other advances are focused on minimizing energy consumption without adversely affecting the performance of the unit. A newer AC installation will involve the use of a unit that can utilize as much as a third less energy than your older system. This means that the new system will use less energy and still be able to provide the same level of cooling and humidity control. Since summers can get very humid around Augusta GA, this particular benefit is especially attractive.

Operational Costs

You will also find that the new AC installation in Augusta GA will provide you with a unit that is more cost effective. Simply put, you can set the system at the same temperature level as usual, but you will see a decrease in the cost of your power bill. This is because your older system required more energy consumption in order to provide the same level of performance. In addition, the new system is more efficient with the actual amount of energy that is used to operate the unit. These two factors combined generate those savings that you begin to see with the very first full month of usage.

Operational costs typically include the cost of making repairs over the years. Without a doubt, you have noticed that your older system tended to need minor repairs more often. Even little things like the frequency of changing the filters had probably began to increase. With the new system, you can look forward to a period in which all you really need to do is change the filters according to the manufacturer instructions and have the unit inspected a couple times each year.

There is a lot to be said for a new AC installation. Even allowing for the expense, you will begin to notice several benefits in a short period of time. The temperature throughout the home will be even, your electric bill will be a little lower and the system will usually be a little quieter. One you get used to the new unit, that up front cost won’t seem so bad after all.