Schedule Air Conditioner Repair in Augusta GA

Published on: September 21, 2012

Consumers seeking air conditioner repair in Augusta GA, will find our website a valuable resource. We’ve listed a number of licensed and reputable HVAC contractors who service the Augusta, Ga., area. These professionals offer air conditioner repair, installation of new systems and preventative maintenance plans. To schedule an appointment, simply call and set up a convenient time.

Many of the HVAC companies have technicians who are factory trained or National American Technician Excellence (NATE) certified. Industry experts highly recommend NATE-certified technicians. These technicians have gone through extensive training and have deep working knowledge of repairing, servicing and installing HVAC systems. With a NATE-certified technician, you are also getting a technician who has current knowledge of all the advanced technologies of HVAC products.

During the scheduled visit, a licensed technician will use their skills, knowledge and diagnostic tools to determine what the problem is. Although there are potentially many reasons why a unit may need an air conditioner repair, there are several reasons that are quite common. Faulty wiring is a common problem and can prevent the system from getting the necessary power or can trip the circuit breaker. This can also be a potential fire hazard and should be fixed immediately.

Freon is the chemical that cools the air, and low Freon may indicate a leak or a problem within the refrigerant system. If the system needs a refrigerant charge, this typically indicates that there is a leak. The technician will locate the leak and repair it.

The outside fan in the condenser unit is responsible for transferring the heat from a home to the outside premises. When the fan is not running, chances are the air conditioning compressor will overheat and trip the circuit. Broken fans need to be fixed quickly as it may cause extensive damage to the compressor and could be a costly repair. If the exterior unit is not working at all, it could be a faulty thermostat, contactor problems of indicate a lack of power.

Frozen inside coils are common problems indicative of trouble with the airflow. Frozen coils can be caused by blocked air ductwork, dirty air filters of low refrigerant. In many of these cases, the only way consumers can prevent these common problems is by having a preventative maintenance plan in place. Airflow problems, low refrigerant and bad wiring can be detected during a routine maintenance visit.

Signing up for a preventative maintenance plan with an HVAC contractor is the ideal way to lessen the need for air conditioner repair in Augusta GA. The HVAC technicians in Augusta, Ga., can troubleshoot early problems before larger problems develop in the HVAC system. On average, these maintenance plans cost from $200 to $600 every year and can save hundreds in repair costs. Having to invest in a new HVAC system is a big investment, and it is very worthwhile to have a maintenance plan. Keep in mind that industry studies have shown that maintenance plans can increase a unit’s lifecycle by 30 percent.