3 Top Tips About Air Conditioning in South GA

Published on: September 7, 2012

Hot and humid South GA weather can put a strain on air conditioning systems and can cause your monthly energy bills to skyrocket as well. A variety of air conditioning tips can help your AC system run more efficiently. The best tips will make a substantial difference in your Georgia home’s cooling costs while making you more comfortably cool as well. Here are three top air conditioning tips that are worth your consideration.

1. Air Conditioning Tips to Decrease Your Home’s Cooling Load

Some of the best air conditioning tips South GA aren’t directly related to your AC equipment. Your air conditioning system doesn’t have to work as hard when you use other strategies to help keep heat out of your home. Enhancing your home’s insulation and ventilation helps block out heat and helps the conditioned air move around your home more efficiently.

Affordable home improvements projects like adding insulation to your attic and installing a ceiling fan can significantly reduce your monthly cooling bill. Easy fixes include planting shade trees on the south side of your Georgia home, weather stripping windows and moving heat-emitting lamps or appliances away from your thermostat.

2. Program Your System to Save Energy and Money

Georgian homeowners know that keeping AC systems running while they’re away from home drives up cooling costs, yet no one wants to come home to a sweltering environment. Programmable thermostats provide an affordable solution. These smart devices allow you to schedule your AC equipment to turn off or raise temperature settings while you’re away and then automatically turn on again or lower temperatures in time to ensure that you return to a comfortably cool home. With a programmable thermostat, you can save up to 10 percent on your energy bills without sacrificing comfort.

3. Regular Maintenance Air Conditioning Tips

Just like your car, your air conditioning equipment needs regular tune-ups to keep operating efficiently. The Department of Energy’s air conditioning tips include a recommendation for homeowners to enroll in a maintenance program as a cost-effective way to save energy and money. Regular tune-ups help prevent costly AC repairs and can significantly extend the life of your AC system.

Multiple benefits of a regular maintenance program include the convenience of knowing that your system is being serviced by a professional, the assurance that your AC system warranty and/or guarantee isn’t being compromised and the savings that you’ll enjoy by keeping your system operates at optimum energy efficiency.