Savings Benefits of New AC Installation in South GA

Published on: September 21, 2012

There will come a day when your home is in need of a new ac installation. When this time comes, know that getting a new air conditioner is beneficial. Air conditioners that are older than 10 years are far less efficient than the newer models that are on the market. Here are some ways that your South, GA home can benefit from a new ac installation.

Better Energy Efficiency

Older air conditioners use more energy to cool your house. With a new ac installation, you will save money on your power bills. The newest air conditioners were designed with efficiency in mind. Manufacturers have new standards and regulations to follow. As a result, air conditioners are required to have a good Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. For the best energy efficiency, choose an air conditioner that has an Energy Star label.

Fewer Repair Bills

As an air conditioner gets older, it requires more repairs and maintenance. With a new ac installation, you will spend less money on repairs. Instead of having the unit constantly repaired, your money can go toward routine preventative maintenance. Over the course of time, you will notice that the new air conditioner costs far less to operate. Since the components are new, they don’t need replaced.

Increased Home Market Value

If you are planning on selling your home sometime in the near future, know that a new ac installation can increase the market value of your home. Any home that has a new air conditioner is more appealing to potential buyers. As long as the new air conditioner fits your home properly, you can add more money to the asking price. The money you make from selling your home for more should cover the cost of having the air conditioner installed.

Less Indoor Humidity

When an air conditioner gets older, it has a harder time controlling the temperature and humidity. Fortunately, a new ac installation can fix this problem. As soon as the new air conditioner is up and running, you will notice an immediate change in your home. The air will contain less moisture. If you have ever had a problem with random hot spots around the home, you won’t anymore. The bottom line is that you will save money and have a more comfortable home.

Additional Savings Benefits

Having a new air conditioner installed in your South GA home can lead to additional incentives. If the new system is an Energy Star product, you may receive a few tax breaks. Besides being able to write off the expense on your taxes, you might also qualify for a rebate program. Joining rebate programs is an excellent way to reduce your out-of-pocket expense.