Fix Your Heating System in Athens

Published on: October 19, 2012

The dead of winter isn’t the ideal time to have a problem with your heating system, but it is the most common time to experience a system malfunction. Your Athens GA home may be well-insulated, but it’s still important to have a great repair service in mind to fix your system when things go wrong. Taking time to plan for the unexpected will allow you to experience minimal discomfort and inconvenience if your heating unit fails.

One of the best ways to prepare for potential failure of heating systems in Athens is to test your HVAC system periodically. In many homes, a heat pump addresses both heating and cooling needs. Frequent filter checks will enable you to keep from stressing your system with unnecessary dirt buildup. It’s important to test the heating system functions before cold weather arrives so that you are certain that your unit is working correctly. A similar test should be done for the air conditioning functions in the spring.

There are some issues that warrant service in spite of the system functioning. Strange smells emitted from vents are precursors to trouble, especially if they persist. Inconsistent airflow in various rooms is a sign of potential leaky ducts. This can be costly as inefficient heating leads to heavier use of the system. Your Athens GA HVAC company can evaluate these issues and recommend services that will improve the performance of your heating system. Your contractor is also able to evaluate other energy loss potential throughout the home by conducting an energy audit. Attic insulation may be an issue, and upgrading your insulation can reduce the usage of your heating system during the winter.

If you face the need to fix your heating system in Athens, it’s especially important that you work with a reputable contractor. Licensed contractors provide a sense of confidence to their customers in that they have complied with regulations related to their craft. While an unlicensed company can be tempting because of pricing issues, this can be costly over time because of poor workmanship. It is most beneficial to select a company that is familiar with your equipment and that has demonstrated integrity by organizing its business according to state licensing requirements. You can also evaluate a company according to online reviews.

Most homeowners don’t think about the need to fix their heating units until they are faced with serious malfunctions. Unfortunately, these tend to be more common during extreme weather conditions. Contractors can be extremely busy at these times, and service may be delayed due to the heavy demand. Initiating a professional relationship with a contractor before an emergency arises can lead to more efficient results when a malfunction happens. Some HVAC contractors provide maintenance packages that include periodic checks and services throughout the year. Expedited service for contracted customers can be especially helpful during severe winter weather events. It’s important to consult with your service company in order to evaluate how long repairs will take.