Avoid Pricey Problems with Your Heating and Air in Atlanta

Published on: October 19, 2012

Your heating and cooling system is an integral part of maintaining your household’s comfort levels in Atlanta GA, and year round attention to your HVAC unit is important. The sticky summers demand an air conditioner that is in good working order. Winter lows can be chilly, and your heating system is equally important in keeping your family comfortable. Heating and air service contractors are important for those times when you experience trouble, but it’s also important to use preventive strategies in order to avoid pricey problems with your system.

Your heating and air demand attention during all seasons. Your HVAC system may not be in use as much during spring and fall months, but you need to check on your filter periodically to be sure that it’s not clogged or moldy. The humid environment of Atlanta GA, especially during the summer tropical storm season, can facilitate the growth of mold. If you notice mold, you should consider having your ducts cleaned in order to avoid exposing your family to spores being dispersed throughout the system.

Moderate months are also important for testing your unit in anticipation of the more severe weather of winter and summer. Checking in advance will alert you to serious problems such as a lack of airflow or a failure of the system to operate. During extreme weather, service calls are high, and repair rates can skyrocket. It’s helpful to make sure that a failure is dealt with when there isn’t a huge need for servicing of heating and air in Atlanta GA. Advance repairs and replacements also provide you with the luxury of time in deciding whether to upgrade and what system to purchase. Pressured decisions can be pricey.

Noticing how your heating and air in Atlanta GA function will enable you to observe problems and inconsistencies. Check your vents for temperature comparisons so that you can evaluate the performance of your system. Failure to heat or cool sufficiently may signal problems. The solutions may be as simple as replacement of parts or recharging of refrigerant. Your early detection of such a problem will help you in avoiding more serious equipment failures and more excessive energy bills.

One of the most expensive errors you can make in having your heating and air serviced is working with a general handyman rather than a specialized contractor. It’s tempting to save a few dollars by calling a handyman, but an unlicensed service person may lack the knowledge needed for your system. Working with a specialist ensures that your repair person knows what he is doing. A licensed company is your best choice because there are regulations in place that will deal with problems that occur because of poor workmanship or business practices. You may also want to contact the Atlanta Better Business Bureau to make sure that your contractor isn’t known for poor service. Investing in the right type of HVAC service will limit costly errors through incorrect repair and installation services.