Get a Repair Estimate from Your Heating Contractor in Atlanta

Published on: October 5, 2012

The middle of a cold snap is the worst time to experience a problem with your heater. Unfortunately, this is also one of the most likely times to run into the need for repairs. Severe weather increases the need for heating, and though the winters in Atlanta, GA aren’t severe, there can be freezing temperatures at times. As usage increases, older systems can be stressed. Additionally, excessive use in the region can lead to power fluctuations that can compromise HVAC systems. It’s important to get your system fixed quickly in such a situation, but it’s also important to make sure that your service is provided by a reputable heating contractor.

The urgency of your repair need may affect your selection process as you look for the right heating contractor. It’s helpful to select a contractor who is licensed according to local or state rules. It’s also best to find a heating contractor in Atlanta who is authorized to service your system’s brand. For example, a Carrier® factory authorized dealer is specifically trained in the installation, repair and maintenance of Carrier® systems. Carrier® standards are met through specialized training and courses, and your Carrier® dealer is prepared to service your HVAC unit with the correct parts.

Upon finding a contractor who meets your criteria, you should obtain a repair estimate. It’s difficult for this to be done by telephone as your heating contractor needs to actually see the system in order to evaluate repair needs. You may be responsible for a service call charge if your contractor comes to your home but doesn’t service your unit. This is another important reason for researching your options before calling a heating contractor in Atlanta. A reputable company will provide you with an estimate before performing repairs, and you should make sure that this is put in writing. This protects you from excessive charges arising unexpectedly.

Though many heating repair needs in Atlanta, GA occur during winter months, implementing a schedule of maintenance tasks can help you in discovering problems with your system before winter arrives. Low temperatures begin to decline in November, making October the ideal month for testing your heating system. Check the function of your HVAC unit by turning on your heater. Allow it to run for a few minutes so that it has time to produce warm air. Take time to check each heat register for appropriate temperature and airflow. Make notes of poor airflow or a lack of warm air. You should also pay attention to burning smells that don’t stop after a couple of minutes.

Checking your system early will facilitate your obtaining service before winter arrives. This allows you to research more carefully before deciding on a contractor. You can also think about establishing a maintenance contract with a heating service company in your area so that you can have professional diagnostics and upkeep performed on your system throughout the year. This can help you in keeping the need for emergency winter repairs limited.