Avoid Problems with Heating and Air in Macon

Published on: October 19, 2012

Central Georgia is renowned for its hot summers, but many new residents are surprised when the temperatures drop below freezing during the winter. The last thing that you want to discover is that your system is not working on the coldest day of the season. Autumn is the best time to prepare your Macon GA heating and air conditioning system for the cold weather.

Our professional heating and air conditioning technicians can perform a comprehensive inspection of your system. We can identify problems that interfere with the efficiency and performance of your system. Regular maintenance saves money because it helps your system last longer and run efficiently. It also reduces the potential that your system will experience a problem that requires an emergency service call. Scheduling regular inspections will help your Macon GA HVAC system provide years of dependable service.

Before you use your heat for the first time this season, clear away any debris that may be blocking your unit. Remember to perform this task several times throughout the fall to ensure that leaves, branches and other debris do not block your outside unit. A blocked unit does not deliver optimal performance because it needs proper airflow. It will work harder and operate less efficiently. This is also an ideal time to change or clean your furnace air filters. Place the selector switch on your thermostat to the heat setting, and turn it on. Wait to see if the unit is working.

During the inspection, an experienced technician will check your thermostat as well as the inside and outside units. We will also inspect your electrical connections and the refrigerant level. It is just as important to have the proper refrigerant level in the winter as it is in the summer. The technician will inspect the condition of your fan blade, drive belts and the condensate drain as well. This enables us to identify potential problem areas and make recommendations on minor repairs. It also reduces the potential that your system will require major repairs in the future.

These tips will improve the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system. You can save money on your winter heating costs and avoid overworking your heating and air in Macon by properly sealing your ducts. Holes in the ductwork permit air to escape. You should also schedule a duct cleaning service to remove any dirt and dust that may have accumulated in your ductwork. This will increase airflow within your system and improve the quality of your indoor air. A unit that operates at peak performance is less likely to experience problems when providing heating and air in Macon.

If you have cold spots within your home, you should consider adding additional vents instead of turning up the heat. You can also open curtains and blinds during the day to allow more sunlight to enter your home. This free heat can reduce your heating bill. Contact our heating and air conditioning professionals today to schedule a preseason winter checkup.