Avoid Expensive Problems with Your Heating System in Fort Walton Beach

Published on: October 19, 2012

When daytime temperatures drop and nights turn cold, you want a heating system that you can rely upon to keep your family comfortably warm. Although comfort is paramount, a heating system that doesn’t send your energy bills skyrocketing is important too. These tips can help you avoid expensive problems with your heating system in Fort Walton Beach FL while ensuring that you and your family have ample heat whenever you need it.

Seasonal Checkups

The best way to avoid expensive heating problems is by having your system checked before chilly nights set in. Regular maintenance is not only a sound cost-effective strategy but one that helps protect your family’s health and safety too. Most heating systems use combustible fuel that can become a fire danger if not properly maintained. The equipment in furnaces and boilers are also subject to corrosion that can lead to deadly carbon monoxide leaks in your home. Odorless, tasteless and colorless, carbon monoxide can pose a real heath risk to your family. Affordable seasonal checkups help make sure that your family stays both safe and warm in your Fort Walton Beach FL home.

Energy Efficiency

According to the Department of Energy (DOE), heating accounts for around 30 percent of a home’s energy bill. The key to reducing monthly energy bills is energy efficiency. A well-maintained system will work at peak efficiency, saving you money. Enhancing the overall energy efficiency of your Fort Walton Beach FL home helps save you money as well. From adding a programmable thermostat to swapping out registers for more energy-efficient models, there are multiple affordable ways to improve the efficiency of your heating system in Fort Walton Beach FL. A skilled HVAC technician can conduct an energy analysis of your home and suggest improvements that will pay for themselves in energy savings.

Air Delivery Systems

To avoid unnecessary energy expense, ductwork systems that move remove household air and deliver conditioned air need attention too. According to the DOE, sealing leaky ducts and adding duct insulation can increase your system’s energy efficiency by more than 20 percent. Because the to-and-from delivery of air through ducts requires a careful balance, experts recommend that adjustments be made from a qualified HVAC technician. Improper sealing can reduce a system’s effectiveness and can hamper energy efficiency.

System Upgrades

New heating systems are far more energy-efficient than their older counterparts. If your HVAC system is over eight years old, you may actually save money by installing a new system. According to the DOE, a highly energy-efficient system can reduce your annual heating bill by around $200. System retrofits can be another cost-effective solution. Your HVAC specialist can help you determine if retrofits or replacements will save you money.

By taking steps now, you can avoid costly issues with your heating system in Fort Walton Beach FL without sacrificing your family’s comfort. Call us today to learn more about HVAC cost-saving strategies that will help manage your home’s energy expenses.