Get an Estimate for a New Heating System in Hattiesburg

Published on: October 5, 2012

Purchasing a new heating system in Hattiesburg isn’t something that homeowners do everyday. Because it is a large purchase involving thousands of dollars, the prospect can be daunting. How do you know that the Hattiesburg MS contractor you have chosen is not cheating you? The best thing you can do to protect yourself when in the market for a new heating system is to get estimates from several local heating and air conditioning contractors and compare the information given.

When replacing your heating system, you should know what items will always be included in an estimate and what your options are. Every quote from a contractor in Hattiesburg MS should include the furnace price, installation of insulated duct work or upgrade costs for outdated ducts, installation of an exhaust port for the furnace, removal and disposal of the old heating system and itemized labor costs.

Options may include creation of zones within your home to independently heat and cool specific areas, air cleaners, programmable thermostats and smart controls that automatically adjust interior temperatures depending on outdoor conditions. Inclusion of these elements in a quote for a heating system in Hattiesburg MS depends on your individual needs and your budget.

One of the best elements to consider when getting an estimate for a new system is to have the state of your ductwork checked. Even though today’s furnaces are much more energy efficient than their counterparts from 20 years ago, even the best system will not operate efficiently if the ducts have leaks, cracks or disconnections. Note, however, that repair or replacement of ducts can add several thousand dollars onto the cost of a furnace.

Another element that you should take into consideration when obtaining quotes for a heating system in Hattiesburg MS is the size of the furnace. An incorrectly sized furnace will short cycle, meaning it will turn on and off frequently, which makes the heating system lose efficiency and possible damage it. Furnaces are rated by input and output BTUs. Look at your existing unit. If you know it was sized properly, buy the same size. You can find that information on the furnace’s nameplate. If you are unsure if your existing furnace is properly sized, have contractors preparing quotes perform a Manual J load calculation, which is the scientific method used to determine needed BTUs. This calculation takes into consideration your homes construction, insulation, windows, room sizes and more to properly determine heating and cooling needs.

Make sure each quote you obtain has all items well delineated so you can compare them side by side. You should also check out work history, asking for references, or better yet, finding out from someone who knows whether your chosen contractor has done a good job. Check state records to make the contractor has not been involved in any fraudulent activity. Ask to see licensing and liability insurance certificates. If the contractor cannot show you both of these documents choose one who can.