Don’t Let These Problems Ruin Your Heating System in Mobile

Published on: October 19, 2012

When days grow shorter and nights turn chilly in Mobile, AL, the last thing that you want is for your heating system to malfunction or to fail altogether. As important as it is to keep your family warm and cozy, it’s even more important to ensure their health and safety. Heating problems not only affect your system’s performance and your pocketbook but can cause potential fire and health hazards in your home as well. These tips can help ensure that problems don’t ruin your heating system in Mobile.

Protecting Health and Safety

In oil-burning and gas-fueled furnaces, fuel is ignited to generate heat. Boilers generate heat by heating water. In both types of heating systems, the exhaust, soot and water vapor produced from the combustion is vented out of your home through a chimney or flue. Any gap, leak or clog in the ventilating pipe, flue or chimney can result in a back draft of harmful gases and substances into your Mobile, AL home. Seasonal preventative maintenance services from an HVAC professional help protect your family’s safety by including necessary inspections, repairs and replacements of chimney and flue pipes and liners.

An accumulation of soot within the system’s combustion chamber can cause corrosion, leading to leaks that can also allow carbon gases to seep into your home. During scheduled maintenance service, your system’s combustion chamber is inspected and cleaned to help prevent corrosion.

Controlling Fuel Waste

Seasonal maintenance service is also the best way to make sure that your HVAC system isn’t wasting fuel. Using a combustion analyzer, a skilled HVAC specialist will make sure that your fuel is being burned to heat your home and not disappearing up your chimney. If your system’s flue or chimney is drawing too much air, an adjustment can be made on the system’s damper to improve efficiency.

Repairs, Retrofits and Replacements

When resolving heating problems, it’s always important to consider long-term costs. Retrofits like replacing a standard pilot light with one that operates on electronic ignition can be a cost-effective solution for older heating systems. If your HVAC system is older than eight years, however, it may be more affordable over the long term to replace a system like a highly energy-efficient Carrier® product.

Whether scheduling seasonal maintenance service, arranging for repairs and retrofits or purchasing a new heating system, it’s critical to avoid problems by having the work done by qualified HVAC technicians. Because our HVAC technicians have undergone extensive training and testing to become certified as a Carrier® factory authorized dealer, you can be confident that we have the experience and expertise to resolve any problem with your heating system in Mobile.