Don’t Forget to Fix Your Heating System in Mobile

Published on: October 19, 2012

It seems like it was only yesterday that the temperatures were hitting the century mark. Fixing your heating system was probably the furthest thing from your mind as you watched the Bay Bears take on the Barons. As you enjoy the stunning autumn foliage along Government Street, you are probably marveling at how quickly the summer went by. Before Old Man Winter descends upon Mobile AL, you should schedule an appointment to fix your heating system.

Unfortunately, poor maintenance is one of the most common reasons for a heating system in Mobile to fail. In preparation for the heating season, our technicians recommend that you clean away leaves and debris that have accumulated around your outside unit and change your air filters. Give us a call to schedule a seasonal checkup. An experienced technician can determine why your unit does not come on when the room temperature reaches the preset level. Common reasons for this issue are malfunctioning thermostats and ignition or pilot control problems.

Gas Furnaces

Modern gas furnaces are high-tech systems that require regular maintenance by certified technicians. The furnace has a heating element that produces heat and a blower, which distributes warmth through your house. If a part in either of these components fails, your furnace cannot heat your home.

Some Mobilians experience poor airflow in their homes, which is sometimes caused by clogged or dirty filters. It may also indicate that there are problems with your bearings, belt and fan motor. You should correct these problems immediately because they can cause your system to overheat. A certified technician can determine which component is causing the issue and can replace, repair or adjust it as required.

Heat Pumps

There are several reasons that a heat pump might blow cold air. They include low refrigerant, bad compressor valves and a frozen outdoor unit. In addition to interfering with the performance of your unit, leaking refrigerant can damage your heating system and cause it to malfunction.

A professional technician can repair leaks and recharge your system. Our team has extensive experience servicing models by various manufacturers including gas-fired, forced-air systems or an electric heat pump. We will calibrate your thermostat and ensure that the electrical and gas connection are secure. The inspection also includes a check of your refrigerant level. As the temperatures drop, you will probably spend more times indoors. You can improve quality of the indoor air quality in your Mobile AL home with a duct cleaning service.

Our goal is to ensure that your heating system in Mobile is working at peak efficiency. This will keep your home warm and comfortable this winter.