Fix Your Heating System in Montgomery

Published on: October 19, 2012

A modern heating system is energy efficient, low maintenance, and can provide years of trouble-free service. Newer systems rarely experience problems with proper maintenance and care. Book mark this page just in case you encounter an issue with your system this heating season.

Our team has provided some suggestions on the best way to handle some of the most common problems that can affect a heating system in Montgomery. Homeowners can troubleshoot and correct minor issues. However, some complex situations require the assistance of an experienced heating and air conditioning technician.

If your heating system uses natural or propane gas, leave immediately if you detect the noxious odor of sulfur. Go to a neighbor’s home, and call the emergency operator. Do not reenter your house until the authorities inspect the premises and give you the all-clear signal.

If there is no heat coming from the vents in your Montgomery AL home, ensure that your thermostat is on and set in the heat position. Reset the dial to a higher temperature, and wait for the unit to begin to operate. Locate your circuit breaker and the service switch to verify that they are in the “On” position. The circuit breaker is located in your fuse box. Check for a blown fuse or a tripped breaker. The service switch looks like a light switch and is located near your inside unit. If have one of these problems, correct the issue and determine whether your heat is working.

Verify that the pilot light is lit if you have an older natural or propane gas furnace. Newer model furnaces have electronic ignition systems instead of a permanent pilot light. Listen for this system to determine if it is attempting to light the heating element. If the system is functioning, check to ensure that your gas supply line valve is open. Inspect your outside unit to ensure that no debris is blocking airflow to the unit or preventing the fan from turning. After you have evaluated these possible causes and your heating system is still malfunctioning, contact one of our experienced repair specialists.

A skilled and knowledgeable Montgomery AL service technician can determine whether your thermostat is properly calibrated. The inspection will include your electrical connections. We will ensure that they are intact and that your gas service line is not clogged. Our technician can relight your permanent pilot light or ensure that the electronic system is functioning properly. Some manufacturers design furnace units with exhaust blowers that must operate before the heating element will light as a safety precaution. We will check this system and replace any defective parts.

If your heating system in Montgomery is more than ten years old and requires frequent repairs, you should consider replacing the unit. Newer systems are more efficient and cost less to operate. You can also avoid a constant stream of repair bills. The money that you save on your maintenance and utility bills can defray the cost of the new heating system.