How to Diagnose Your Heating and Cooling System in Savannah

Published on: October 5, 2012

Climate conditions during the year can range a great deal in Savannah, GA. It’s important to be prepared for every eventuality. Heat and humidity combine during the summers to create uncomfortable conditions, and it’s important to be ready with a working cooling system in order to keep your home comfortable and safe. Winters aren’t severe, but they can be chilly. A heating and cooling system that functions at its optimum is important during these extreme months. It’s important to understand the steps that you can take in diagnosing problems with your heating and cooling in Savannah so that you can determine the need to obtain service.


Severe situations can be difficult to diagnose on your own. One example is your heating and cooling system not producing hot or cold air. If the system runs but doesn’t produce the appropriate temperature of air, you need to contact a professional for assistance. Similarly, if the system ceases to function or fails to turn on, you are probably in need of professional service. Check your fuse box in order to make sure that you aren’t dealing with a tripped switch. If you are sure that the power source hasn’t been interrupted, then contact a heating and cooling company to come and make a diagnosis.


While system failures obviously call a homeowner’s attention to the need for repair, there are many conditions that are less obvious. It’s important to check for consistent airflow at vents and registers. Inconsistencies may mean that you have leaky ducts, a situation that can be best remedied by an HVAC company. A moldy air filter indicates a need to have your ducts cleaned in order to prevent mold being spread throughout your home.


An unusually high energy bill is a sign of problems on your property, especially if you haven’t experienced unusually extreme temperatures. An HVAC contractor can investigate your home’s energy efficiency in order to determine if your system is at fault. He can make recommendations for better insulation, duct sealing and behavioral steps that can be taken in limiting energy loss. Your contractor may determine that your current heating and cooling system is at fault because of its age or condition.


If you are working with a Carrier® factory authorized dealer in Savannah, GA, you can expect your contractor to provide some examples of system upgrades that can improve your energy costs. A factory authorized company is recognized by Carrier®, a top brand in the HVAC industry, as a company that has participated in a comprehensive training program related to installation and repair of Carrier® HVAC systems. Your Carrier® factory authorized dealer can help you explore energy efficient systems that use single or dual fuel sources to keep your home comfortable while limiting your expenses. You will also want to discuss federal, state and local incentives for energy efficient systems being installed in your home.


Your selection of the right contractor for diagnosis, repair or replacement is important in assuring proper function of your system. Heating and cooling in Savannah is essential during summer and winter months, and your efforts to pay attention to your system are important. When serious issues arise, your Carrier® dealer will make sure that your system is fixed or replaced correctly.