Schedule a Diagnostic of Your Heating System in Albany

Published on: October 19, 2012

The onset of chilly nights marks the beginning of the heating season, that time of year in Albany, GA when you rely upon your home’s heating system to keep your family comfortably warm. It’s also the season to make sure that your heating system in Albany is operating properly, providing warmth to your home without sending your energy bills sky high. The most cost-effective way to enjoy energy savings is to schedule a diagnostic of your heating system in Albany as early in the season as possible.

Diagnostics for Every HVAC System

Although an HVAC inspection and analysis will vary depending upon what type of heating system you have in your home, all heating systems regular service to keep them operating at peak efficiency. Heating equipment is subject to corrosion, and corroded parts can leak harmful gases and substances into your Albany, GA home, posing fire dangers and health risks. Venting systems require careful attention as well, both to ensure that combustible or toxic gases aren’t leaking into your home’s living areas and to ensure that fuel is combusting properly without undue waste.

Diagnostic Tests and Checks for All Systems

Maintenance services that should be provided during seasonal checks and inspections include:

  • Checks on the condition of vent connection pipes, vents and chimneys to ensure proper ventilation
  • Combustion efficiency tests that measure exhaust gases to ensure safety and fuel efficiency
  • Control inspections and adjustments to optimize temperature settings for comfort and efficiency
  • Heat exchanger and equipment inspections to ensure physical integrity
  • Removing and cleaning any soot, dirt or corrosion
  • Sealing connections, including leaky ductwork
  • Trained and Certified HVAC Technicians

Seasonal diagnostics not only save you money by keeping your heating system in Albany operating efficiently but may also fulfill warranty and guarantee requirements, saving you money if your system should need a repair. Diagnostic services performed by a Carrier® factory authorized dealer helps make sure that you get a quality analysis. Because an HVAC company must undergo extensive training and certification to achieve the status of a factory authorized dealer, you can trust that your HVAC system will be properly serviced, whether it’s a Carrier® brand system or not. Carrier® factory authorized dealers must meet high standards for customer satisfaction as well, so you know that you’ll enjoy prompt, courteous and effective service.

Regularly scheduled diagnostic service is the most affordable way to make certain that your heating system not only works when your family needs it most but also operates at optimum efficiency, saving you money on monthly energy bills. The sooner that you schedule an HVAC diagnostic, the more savings you’ll enjoy. Call us to day to learn more about HVAC services that can both increase your family’s comfort while decreasing your energy costs.