Have a Diagnostic Performed on Your Heating System in Birmingham

Published on: November 23, 2012

You’ve turned on your heater and discovered that there’s no hot air. Thankfully, it’s not the middle of winter, and your diagnostic efforts are simply a part of preparing in advance for chilly weather in Birmingham AL. Before winter arrives, though, you need to have your heating system diagnosed and fixed. Finding the right company to service your heating system in Birmingham is important.


There are several issues that may lead a homeowner to need the services of a repair company. Some are obvious while others are more subtle. It’s definitely necessary to contact an HVAC company when your heating system doesn’t heat. It’s less evident, though, if your ducts are leaky or moldy. Making an effort to do a preliminary diagnosis of your system before winter is helpful. Take time to check your filter, changing it if it’s dirty or moldy. Check your thermostat for correct settings for winter months. Turn your heater on so that you can check performance of your heating system in each room.


Contact a company for diagnostic services if you notice mold. You should avoid facilitating mold growth in your system because there can be serious health implications for your family. Your contractor can recommend and perform needed cleaning on your system if there is evidence of mold. If your airflow seems to be poor, you can have an HVAC contractor diagnose the condition of your ducts. Duct sealing may be needed to improve airflow and reduce heat loss. This will lessen the stress on your heating system in Birmingham.


Some families find that life is so busy that it’s tough to remember important diagnostic steps in managing home systems and equipment. If this is reflective of your household, though, it’s always possible to contract with a Birmingham AL HVAC company to have a fall diagnostic performed. Your contractor will check your filter and ducts for problems. He will make sure that your equipment is in good working condition and will ensure that hot air is flowing consistently from all vents when the heater is on. The peace of mind in knowing that your heater is ready for winter is well worth the cost of a simple diagnostic visit.


You can also have more advanced diagnostic services performed. An energy audit, for example, is great for providing insight into the efficiency of your home in maintaining heat during the winter. Your HVAC contractor can provide feedback about issues like attic insulation, factors that can affect heat loss and energy bills. He can recommend areas that can be improved through renovation. Double or triple pane windows, for example, might be recommended for limiting heat exchange. Drafts can be eliminated to reduce heating costs. There are many steps that can be taken, and consulting with a contractor can help you in considering how to improve energy efficiency for all seasons.


Working with a contractor who is familiar with your equipment is helpful. If there are recalls or known issues with your brand or model, an authorized dealer is poised to provide the most effective repairs. You’ll also find that such companies can inform you of new or supplemental equipment to help you keep your home comfortable for the winter.