Fix Your Heating System in Atlanta Before it’s Too Late

Published on: November 9, 2012

Your heating system is one of your home’s most valuable appliances since it is responsible for the safety of your family. If the furnace in your Atlanta, GA home fails to emit warm air, then you may consider contacting a heating expert to assess your system.


About Furnaces

Today’s heating units are advantageous as modern technology has made them more efficient. In fact, they can produce over 97 percent efficiency levels based on the system’s Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, or AFUE, which is the determination of a gas furnace’s productivity when it changes its fuel to energy. With higher rated units, you will receive increased efficiency.

When your heating system in Atlanta requires repair, you may consider contacting a Carrier® factory authorized dealer. To qualify as an authorized dealer, repair specialists must complete Carrier®’s rigid criteria levels, which include continuous assessments of heating and cooling specialists who complete furnace installations and repairs. Additional Carrier® dealer benefits include the company’s 100 percent satisfaction guarantee after a repair or initial installation.

When heating your home, your furnace will use an electrical source or combustion gas for its fuel supply. In addition, the fuel type will determine your furnace’s efficiency. It will also define whether the appliance is a conventional or high efficiency condensing furnace. The methods used during a furnace repair will vary depending on the type of heating system you have.


Troubleshooting Repairs in Conventional Gas Furnaces

If your gas furnace is not emitting heat, then a repair expert will check several areas. The thermostat may be set at a low temperature, and as a result, will not require heat. Another issue may be that the thermostat is broken, or a circuit breaker may have blown. Other problems include a closed fuel valve or an unlit pilot light.

When a repair specialist arrives to locate the problem with your heating system in Atlanta, he or she may reset the circuit breaker, light the pilot light or clean the thermostat’s contacts. Other repairs include replacing failed fuses and reviewing the furnace’s ignition connectors.


Troubleshooting High Efficiency Condensing Furnaces

If your heating system in Atlanta is a high efficiency condensing furnace, then a repair expert will inspect more sections of the unit because the device features added elements. In some cases, the vent may have an obstruction, which is causing a weak flame. Therefore, your specialist will need an auger to eliminate obstructions like leaves or bird’s nests.

Another heating system issue with high efficiency units is the gas recirculation. When your system features a two-pipe unit with a direct vent, problems sometimes occur with their installation, which causes a reduction in recirculating exhaust gas. Your furnace repair expert can solve this problem with a concentric vent kit or by correcting the vent placement.


You should consider contacting a Carrier® factory authorized dealer before the cold season starts to inspect your furnace and ensure that it is ready to keep your Atlanta, GA home warm this winter.