Tips on Diagnosing Your Heating System in Macon

Published on: November 23, 2012

Your home’s heater is a complex system of parts and equipment that must work in balance with each other in order to keep your family comfortably warm on the coldest winter night. Any disruption to that careful balance can affect performance, drive up energy costs, and shorten the system’s service life. Prompt repairs can quickly mitigate damage. Although problems with heating systems often require the expertise of a professional HVAC technician to identify, these tips can help you diagnose your heating system in Macon GA.

Poor performance is typically the first indication that a problem exists with your home heating system. Comparing the setting on your thermostat with the actual air temperature in your home is the easiest way to determine if your heating system in Macon is delivering optimum comfort. For an accurate reading, you’ll want to allow the system to cycle off before taking the temperature of your home’s living spaces. Systems that continue to operate once the desired temperature is reached or that cycle off without attaining the ideal temperature are in need of attention.

Impaired air flow is one of the most common issues with home heating problems. Because all of the conditioned air that a heater produces must pass through the air filter, regularly replacing the air filter is critical to good performance. Filters should be changed once a month during the heating system or more often as needed.

Forced-air heating systems use a network of air ducts to deliver conditioned air and remove household air. This balanced air exchange can be easily interrupted by leaks, gaps or obstructions in the ductwork. Because air ducts collect dust and debris as they suck in household air, dirty ductwork can clog the system and impair air flow. Cleaning and vacuuming supply ducts or grilles can sometimes be an easy fix.

When some rooms in your Macon GA home seem to stay better heated than others, the ductwork may suffer from improper design. Upgrading grilles or ducts may improve air flow. Simple home upgrades such as weather-stripping windows can eliminate drafts that can impair the performance of your heating system in Macon GA.

If problems with air flow persist, sealing and insulating ductwork not only improves performance but saves you money on monthly heating bills. Up to 30 percent of conditioned air can be wasted due to faulty ductwork. Because it’s important to maintain the system’s air-exchange balance, however, it’s best to leave ductwork repair in the hands of professionals.

Fuel-burning furnaces create harmful byproducts that can pose health dangers when the equipment is in need of a repair. If you suspect that your system’s flue or chimney isn’t exhausting air outside properly, it’s critical to have the furnace serviced immediately to prevent harmful fumes like carbon monoxide from leaking into your home’s living space. Professional inspections are the best way to diagnose and address heating problems, ensuring that your family stays safe, warm, and cozy in your Macon GA home.