Get a Professional to Diagnose Your Home Heating in Hattiesburg

Published on: November 23, 2012

Winter temperatures lead to greater use of home heating systems in Hattiesburg MS, though the mild winters make it easy to keep related heating costs low. However, noticing a spike in your costs can be frustrating. If weather conditions haven’t been unusually cold, then you may want to consider having a professional in home heating diagnose your HVAC system for potential problems. Finding a skilled contractor for home heating in Hattiesburg can save you a great deal of money and frustration through the remainder of the winter.

If your home heating in Hattiesburg is operating, you can take note of some basic conditions so that you can communicate your concerns clearly to your contractor. For example, you can check to make sure that your filter is clean. A clogged filter is a common problem affecting the efficiency of home heating systems. You can also check to make sure that vents are clear of obstructing materials. Take note of the airflow so that you can let your contractor know if it seems like there is an inconsistency from room to room.

Your contractor can perform a system tune-up to make sure that your coils are clean and that your equipment is in proper working order. The best time for such service is in the fall, before the winter temperatures get chilly. However, it’s possible to have this service performed in Hattiesburg MS at any time during the year. This alone may improve your heater’s performance, leading to more energy-efficient operation and lower energy costs.

Your heating professional can also conduct an energy analysis, examining issues like drafts, insulation, and ducts to determine if your costs are related to a need for home sealing services. Some of these services can be performed by your HVAC contractor. Ducts being sealed will improve the delivery of hot air to each room on the circuit. Upgrading your insulation can improve heat retention in the winter while limiting heat gain in the summer. You can also explore structural improvements such as the installation of multi-pane windows.

Your heating professional can provide you with management strategies for keeping your costs in check as well. It’s possible that the spike in your energy costs is attributable to a teenager who adjusts the thermostat when you aren’t home. Perhaps your programming of the thermostat has led to your system running more than necessary. Your HVAC contractor will examine the issues related to your current thermostat model. He might suggest updating to a more manageable model. Wireless thermostats, for example, can provide you with computer or smartphone access to the settings, allowing you to monitor and make adjustments when you aren’t even at home. You can thwart the efforts of your teen to turn your home into a sauna by using remote monitoring to keep settings in place. You can even use your smartphone to adjust the settings before you get out of bed in the morning, making it possible to shave costs from your bills while maintaining a comfortable home.