Get an Estimate for a New Furnace Installation in Mobile

Published on: November 23, 2012

Winters in Mobile AL can be freezing, and it is not the time you want your furnace to have problems or break down completely. If you have noticed that your furnace seems to be giving you trouble or that it can’t seem to keep your home warm enough, look into a new furnace installation. Furnace installations in Mobile can be very affordable, and having an energy efficient system installed can also provide you with long term savings by reducing both repair costs and your electricity bills.

To help you get the most accurate estimate on how much a new furnace installation will cost, you should consider the value of an energy efficient furnace and ensure that you purchase equipment that has a large enough heating capacity.

The Value of Energy Efficiency
When people are looking for a new furnace for their homes, their first instinct is to choose the least expensive furnace. However, when you are having a furnace installation done, you should consider not just the installation costs but the long term costs to run your new furnace as well. Since the cost of energy in Mobile AL is on the rise and energy is expected to keep getting more expensive, you can save an enormous amount of money by reducing the energy required to keep your home warm in the winter. Since half of your electricity usage is related to heating and cooling, you could save hundreds of dollars a year or more with the right furnace.

Comparing Equipment for a Furnace Installation in Mobile
The best way to compare the energy efficiency of different brands and types of furnaces is to compare their annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) ratings. AFUE ratings measure the energy efficiency of furnaces in terms of percentages, so the higher the AFUE rating, the more efficient a furnace is. You can also tell how much money you are likely to save on electricity with a new furnace by comparing the AFUE numbers of your old furnace to your new furnace.

Meeting Your Heating Load
In addition to finding out the amount of energy that your new furnace will consume, you should also check on the heating capacity of any new furnace you are interested in. Less powerful furnaces are less expensive, but if you do not ensure that your new furnace is powerful enough to keep your home warm and meet your home’s heating load, you will end up with greater problems. Be sure to speak with your furnace installation technician about selecting a unit that meets your budget and your home’s heating requirements.