Get a Professional to Fix Your Heating System in Pensacola

Published on: November 9, 2012

There are many aspects of home upkeep that are great for the do-it-yourselfer. However, your heating system in Pensacola should be left to professionals for repair. The Pensacola FL area is prone to have mild winters, meaning that your heating system’s malfunction may not place you in life-threatening circumstances. However, your system is a welcome source of comfort when a cold snap hits the area. Don’t make your problems with a heating system worse by trying to fix the unit by yourself.

You can take the time to make a few observations before you contact a contractor in Pensacola FL to service your system. For example, you should make sure that you aren’t missing something obvious. Is the thermostat set correctly? Does it operate with a battery? Check the battery to make sure that your problem isn’t a lack of power for the thermostat. If your system turns on, take note of the issues that have created your concern. Is your pilot out on your gas furnace? Older equipment may be susceptible to a pilot going out. Is the air warm but not hot? Use a thermometer to make a general measure of how far off the temperature is. Is the air flowing weakly through the system? Does it just seem like the unit is running too much? Are there burning smells lingering? Write your questions and observations down so that you can fully communicate the conditions to your contractor.

Find an expert to examine your heating system in Pensacola. While there may be handyman companies and general contractors advertising cheap rates, you need to be careful in your selection of a company to deal with such important equipment. Make sure that you use a licensed contractor that is bonded and insured. This protects both you and your repair professional if problems arise in the context of the repair work.

It’s smart to look for a repair company that is familiar with your equipment. This is essential if your heating system is still guaranteed by a manufacturer’s warranty as using an unauthorized repair contractor could void your warranty. If your system isn’t under a warranty, looking for a representative of your equipment brand is still a good choice because of the familiarity that contractor will have with your heating unit. A knowledgeable contractor can diagnose and repair a heater much more efficiently and inexpensively than an inexperienced repairman. Choosing an expert means that your work will be done with the right parts and tools.

You can save yourself some frustration in getting your system fixed if you do some initial maintenance before winter arrives. Changing your filter and checking the quality of airflow and heat will alert you to problems before your comfort depends on your system being functional. You can also have an annual evaluation of your heater performed by an HVAC professional so that you can address vulnerabilities while the temperatures are still comfortable. Preventive strategies are great for heading off a mid-winter system failure.