Fix Your Heating System in Albany Before it’s Too Late

Published on: November 9, 2012

As you enjoyed the music, fountains and warm breezes in Riverfront Park this past summer, your heating system was probably a distant memory. As cooler temperatures prevail, you should prepare your unit for the winter. You can prevent service disruptions, expensive repairs and catastrophic failures by addressing problems as they occur.

It is essential that you remove any debris that has accumulated near your outside unit. You should also clean or change the air filters. As weather gets colder, you will probably spend more time indoors. You can improve your indoor air quality by cleaning your ducts. This service removes dust, pollen and other allergens that may have accumulated inside your ductwork.

Many homeowners report that their heating systems in Albany make whistling, howling and banging noises. This problem could be due to air in the system, which increases the risk for corrosion. The repair may require the installation of a de-aerator. Corrosion, hard water deposits and insufficient water flow are potential reasons for noisy boilers as well. An air duct, blower, vent or heating element problem can interfere with the performance of your system. These issues can prevent the unit from heating your home or certain rooms.

Many problems occur because heating systems do not receive regular care and maintenance. You should schedule heating system checks at least once per year. If you did not service your unit this past spring, contact our office to schedule an appointment with an experienced HVAC technician. Our crew is familiar with every type of heating system in Albany. We will regulate your thermostat and secure electric and gas components. The service includes a check of your coolant levels and metallic components. We will apply lubricant as necessary to ensure proper movement and prevent corrosion. Professional diagnostic inspections during the fall reduce the chances that you will need an emergency repair in the winter.

Contact your local Carrier® factory authorized dealer for information on installing a new system or maintaining your current model. Factory authorized dealers are required to meet and maintain the highest standards for technical knowledge, quality workmanship and customer approval. We must meet the rigorous guidelines established for EPA certification and maintain the proper levels of insurance and liability protection. When you entrust our knowledgeable technicians to repair and maintain your system, you are working with veterans who value their customers. Less than five percent of service professionals in the HVAC industry are factory-authorized dealers.

As the warmth of an Albany GA summer fades to cool autumn evenings, it is essential that you take the steps to ensure your family’s comfort throughout the winter. Contact your local Carrier® heating and cooling professional to schedule a system inspection. You will have peace of mind knowing that your unit is delivering its best performance when winter temperatures set in. If your heating system is sending you a distress signal, contact your local Albany, GA heating technician. We can correct any problem that your system might develop.