Get a Diagnostic Done on Your Home Heating in Albany

Published on: November 9, 2012

Are you frustrated by the high energy costs that you pay during the winter months? Costs can creep up and surprise you, but it may be that there are steps to take that will reduce your energy expenses. Having a diagnostic performed on your home heating in Albany will provide you with information about the health of your system. You can determine whether your home heating system is at fault or whether it’s time to replace your unit with a new system.

Winter temperatures in Albany GA are usually not severe. However, there are exceptions, and a record breaking chill can cause your energy costs to rise. In a mild year, though, higher than usual costs in power or gas bills can be a sign of trouble with your heating system or with the energy efficiency of your home. It’s tough to figure out exactly what the problem is if you aren’t an HVAC specialist. Enlisting the help of a reputable specialist in home heating can provide you with a better understanding of the source of the elevated costs.

Make it a point to examine your energy bills each month so that you can make an immediate note of unusual costs. Whether you use a calendar, a planner or a computer program, make notations about weather conditions and other unusual events that may have impacted your costs. If elevated costs continue to be a problem, contact a contractor for home heating in Albany to perform a diagnosis. An energy audit will provide insight into household or heating system issues that may have led to these higher costs.

You may find that your attic insulation isn’t sufficient and that you are experiencing heat loss through your roof. Upgrading your insulation could make a difference in household comfort and energy costs. Your windows could also lead to heat loss, and you may find that a bit of renovation can improve your home’s energy efficiency. Your contractor can explore drafts and the possibility of leaky ducts. Duct sealing may improve delivery of hot air to the rooms of your home. Your HVAC professional can also discuss thermostat settings and strategies for limiting energy use when nobody is home.

If your system is older, your heating contractor may suggest upgrading to a more energy-efficient model. You can look into dual fuel systems that keep your expenses limited by using the most relevant heater for the current temperature conditions. You can also explore savings that are available for using specific manufacturers’ systems. There are often coupons that provide a discount for installation expenses when you use a given company’s home heating equipment. You can also ask your provider to explain current tax rebates that may be available for replacing home equipment with new models that are more efficient in their use of consumable resources like gas and electricity.

If you simply need a starting point for understanding the condition of your HVAC equipment in a new home in Albany GA, you can schedule a diagnostic to obtain that baseline report. Your contractor can help you in knowing what potential problems you may face if your system is older. He can also investigate issues that can be addressed easily through simple home renovation or behavioral strategies.