We Provide Affordable Home Heating in Athens

Published on: December 7, 2012

With a rocky economy, the increasing cost of living and gas prices still on the rise, residents in Athens need affordable prices especially for the essentials. Along with the colder days of winter quickly approaching, having adequate home heating in Athens is a necessity for indoor comfort. Knowing that residents in Athens need energy efficient and affordable heating, we offer a wide array of options and strategies to keep our friends and neighbors warm at prices within their budget. From new installations and repairs to preventative maintenance plans and tune-ups, you’ll find the price is just right for your budget.

Low Mark-Ups, Discounts and Flexible Payment Plans

When it comes to new home heating systems, we are competitively priced just a small percentage above manufacturer cost. We represent many top brands and are able to offer our customers sizeable rebates. Many of the rebates are over $1,000. To make home heating in Athens even more affordable we offer year-round Internet discounts with coupons for seasonal tune-ups, service plans, new equipment and repairs. Just go to our websites and print out the coupon right from the convenience of your home computer. If you sign up for one of our service plans, you’ll also be privy to discounts on parts and labor when you need a repair. It’s just another way we help our valued customers save money.

We realize that many people may not want to use their credit card to pay and don’t have extra funds for payment. Our flexible financing plans are the ideal solution. Monthly payments are affordable with low and deferred interest, and we also offer flexible financing plans for those with less-than-stellar credit.

Energy Efficient Systems Qualify for Rebates and Tax Credits

As professional HVAC contractors, we carry a complete line of top name brand home heating systems. Whether you need a boiler, furnace, heat pump or hybrid system, we’ll help you select a heating system that qualifies for rebates and tax credits. Our heating products are Energy Star certified and come with high Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) and Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) ratings. Many of the units with HSPF over eight and AFUE over 80 percent qualify for tax credits and rebates from federal agencies, manufacturers and utility companies. Our staff will let you know of the current programs that can help keep the costs of your new system affordable. For example, you may qualify for a $1,500 tax credit and a 30 percent rebate on installation costs.

With discounts, flexible financing plans, competitive pricing and green initiative programs, you’ll find affordable pricing for all of your home heating needs. With all the ways you can save on new heating systems, you can enjoy the quality of a top brand without breaking the bank. Our goal is to bring you top-notch home heating service at a price you can afford.