We Provide Accurate Estimates for Home Heating in Atlanta

Published on: December 21, 2012

Whether you are updating or repairing your home heating in Atlanta, you need estimates that are dependable so that you can budget appropriately. Our experts have served the needs of the community with comprehensive heating and air services, and we provide accurate quotes. You can contact us today to discuss your needs.

Dependability and Expertise

We are 100% committed to customer satisfaction and we strive to provide reliable information and expert service. Our licenses and certifications are kept up to date as we continue to participate in training related to equipment issues and innovations in our trade. We use the right parts and tools in our work so that you can count on excellent results from your home heating and cooling systems.

New Equipment Installations

If you are looking for a replacement for your existing home heating system, we can help you compare the costs for purchase and installation with the expected expenses of running the new equipment. It’s important to realize that the most efficient heating units will also be the most expensive to purchase. However, you will see dramatic results in your energy expenses with these selections. We will help you find the right balance as you consider these factors.

There are interesting options on the market that provide unique solutions that are ideal for the Atlanta area. Hybrid systems, for example, combine gas furnaces with electric heat pumps so that the most effective component heats the home based on outside conditions. Humidifying furnaces provide excellent home comfort for those who suffer with the dry indoor conditions experienced with traditional equipment. Condensing furnaces are especially efficient, recycling fuel emissions that would otherwise be vented into the environment.

Supplemental Heating for Room Additions

There are great options in affordable equipment for addressing the needs of a new addition that isn’t connected to your central home heating and air system. Ductless systems can provide single-room heating that is effective and affordable.

Evaluation of Your Existing Equipment

If you aren’t sure that you are ready for new heating equipment, we can provide you with an honest evaluation of the current system. We will examine its efficiency and give you an estimate of its expected life span. We can help you compare the benefits of a new system with the costs of operating the current unit. If you’ve been experiencing higher heating bills in recent years or frequent repair needs, it may be wise to install new heating equipment.

Annual Maintenance Options

Whether you select new heating equipment or decide to wait a little longer to make a replacement, an annual tune-up can do wonders in improving the effectiveness and affordability of operating your home heating. We make adjustments and check for damage internally and externally. We also examine your ducts and thermostat to make sure that your entire system is operating optimally. This can help you get longer service from your furnace or heat pump. It can also provide you with advance notice of potential problems before winter arrives.