Call Us to Schedule Furnace Repair in Atlanta

Published on: December 21, 2012

While you may not be faced with record low temperatures in Atlanta, it’s still important to keep your furnace running correctly. There are days with freezing temperatures, and if your heating equipment isn’t working, your home can get uncomfortable. Call us for assistance with your furnace repair needs.

Our Experience and Qualifications

We have served the community with a comprehensive selection of HVAC needs through the years. Your furnace repair is in good hands with our highly trained technicians. We maintain relevant certifications and licenses so that you can depend on expert service.

Common Issues with Furnace Repair in Atlanta

Most homeowners don’t think about running furnaces until the mercury drops. This can spur a frustrating set of events as problems are discovered. There is a normal spike in service requests at this time, and our schedule can be a bit heavy. We will make an appointment to come out and troubleshoot your system. After making a diagnosis, we will formulate a quote and wait for your permission to complete the suggested repairs.

You can help us to be more efficient when we arrive by providing us with the brand and model of your furnace when you call. You can also provide us with an overview of the problem you are having and the steps you have taken ahead of time.

Preliminary items that you can check include your thermostat, utility connections and filter. Make sure that your thermostat settings are correct. Check your filter to make sure that it’s not excessively dirty. Double check for tripped electrical switches and disrupted utility services.

Maintenance Needs of Your Heating System

After your furnace repair is complete, it’s helpful for you to remember that annual maintenance can avert this early season heating trouble. You can check your filters, registers and thermostat settings on your own. It’s easy to replace a filter, and you should start the winter with a clean one. Make sure that there aren’t furnishings, curtains or other materials blocking heat registers. Adjust your thermostat settings so that you are ready to deal with cold weather.

We offer seasonal tune-up services that go beyond these basic checks. We can inspect the inner components of your furnace to make sure that moving parts are lubricated if necessary. We adjust fittings and make sure there aren’t leaks. We make sure that safeties are operating properly. We will also inspect your ductwork for leaks. The combination of inspection and adjustments enables us to catch problems that might require furnace repair. Taking care of these issues before winter arrives saves you the hassle of a frosty house on a chilly Atlanta morning.

When to Replace a Furnace

Your furnace can last for approximately 20 years if it’s well-maintained. However, if it requires frequent repair or if you experience increasingly high energy bills in the winter, it’s worthwhile to explore newer systems. A high-efficiency system can save money on energy costs, and consumer incentives can make the investment in a new furnace even more affordable.