We Provide Reliable Quotes for HVAC Repair in Atlanta

Published on: December 7, 2012

If you need to find a reputable company for HVAC repair in Atlanta, then you will appreciate our commitment to customer satisfaction. We operate with integrity, maintaining relevant licenses and certifications in our industry. This enables us to efficiently deal with your questions and problems in your home heating, cooling or ventilation. Our expertise makes it possible for us to provide reliable quotes.

We participate in continuing education and training related to HVAC repair and installation. Our manufacturers depend on having reputable contractors representing them in Atlanta. We use the right parts and tools to get your repairs done correctly.

Diagnostic Service

Before we make an HVAC repair, we take time to do some troubleshooting. When you call, you can describe the problems or concerns that you have. If you also provide us with equipment model information, we can research common problems with your system before we arrive. Once we are at your home, we will pinpoint problems and develop a quote for solutions. With your approval, we will complete your HVAC repair.

Not Sure of a Problem?

If you aren’t sure that there is a problem, you may want to schedule a system tune-up. We can check out your entire system, making adjustments that will bring it up to manufacturer specifications. We will lubricate moving parts and tighten fittings during this visit. We check for leaks and cracks that could make your system function less efficiently. We also inspect your ducts to make sure that they are intact.

We can check your entire system once each year. If you use separate equipment for air conditioning and heating, though, you may want to have semi-annual service to address relevant components of your system.

When Should You Replace Old Equipment?

It may not make sense to replace equipment that is functioning correctly. However, old equipment can be inefficient compared to modern models. It’s helpful to do a load calculation to determine what modern options would best suit the needs of your home. It’s also wise to compare utility costs related to those newer models with the costs of your current HVAC equipment.

An air conditioner can be expected to last for approximately 10 years. A furnace should last nearly 20 years. Energy tax credits, though, can make it cost-effective to consider upgrading sooner. The financial incentive, combined with better efficiency and lower energy costs, can make new equipment a sensible investment.

You may also want to think about choosing equipment that improves the air quality of your home. A humidifying furnace, for example, can limit the impact of dry air on your skin by infusing your home environment with moisture. There are many excellent products on the market to help you get better performance out of your HVAC system.

Ongoing Maintenance

Your equipment won’t function at its best if you don’t pay attention to it. Check your filters periodically so that you don’t stress your system. Pay attention to unusual sounds and smells from your equipment or ducts. Contact us with any concerns.