We Diagnose Heating and Air in Baldwin County

Published on: December 7, 2012

If you need someone to diagnose your heating and air in Baldwin County, then you will appreciate the quality and speed provided by our contractors. We service all types of HVAC needs in the region. Give us a call to discuss your concerns.

HVAC Experts

We keep up with the latest innovations in our industry, maintaining certifications and licenses relevant to our trade. Our years of work in Baldwin County qualify us for diagnosing your system quickly and correctly. We are familiar with the climate and the community, and we are prepared to provide solutions that will get your equipment working properly.

Common Heating and Air Concerns

The needs for diagnostic service may vary, but there are some common problems experienced by our customers. Whether your system is malfunctioning or whether you have concerns about air quality, we can troubleshoot in order to provide solutions.

Equipment Malfunction

When heating and air equipment doesn’t work at all, it’s important to make sure that you don’t have an interruption in utility service. Your electrical box should be checked for tripped switches. If your equipment is powered by gas, check another gas appliance to see if you are experiencing an interruption in service. When you call, we will need a description of what the problem is with your system. It’s helpful if you can let us know about your equipment brand and model. We will then schedule a diagnostic appointment. During this visit, we will pinpoint issues and provide viable solutions. After you accept our quote and authorize service, we can make the needed repairs.

Poor Performance

Heating and air equipment can be functional but seem to be performing poorly. If you feel as though your equipment is running too much or isn’t cooling or heating very well, we can assess the system for potential problems. Have you noticed high energy bills along with this poor performance? We can also provide an energy audit to determine if the source of the problem is your insulation or ductwork. There may even be problems with your thermostat settings. We will provide you with our findings along with possible solutions.

High Energy Costs

If you haven’t noticed any problems with your heating and air equipment, an excessive energy bill could be frustrating. Our home energy audit is the best way to determine which areas of your home may be affecting your heating and air capacity.

Preseason Tune-up Services

One of the best diagnostic services we offer is a preseason tune-up. We will thoroughly check your equipment to make sure that it is adjusted to manufacturer specifications. We tighten any loose fittings, check for fuel leakage and lubricate appropriate parts to make sure that your system is optimized. This can really help extend the life of your equipment. It can also help us to identify parts that may be on the verge of failing. It’s much nicer to be able to fix your equipment before the hot or cold weather arrives. It’s also great to know that this can improve your energy efficiency and keep your costs down.