Schedule with the Experts on Furnace Repair in Brunswick

Published on: December 21, 2012

If your heating system doesn’t seem to be doing a good job of keeping your home warm, you may be in need of furnace repair. The wasted money spent heating your house with an inefficient piece of equipment can far exceed what you would spend on fixing problems with the system. Contact us for furnace repair in Brunswick.

Local HVAC Experts

Our contractors are trained in all aspects of HVAC care and maintenance. Whether a customer needs a new system or needs to repair an existing piece of equipment, we are ready to provide excellent service at affordable prices. Our certifications and licenses in the trade are always current, and we keep up with the latest trends in the industry so that we can provide you with the best options available.

When You Call for Furnace Repair

When you contact us to schedule an appointment for a diagnosis of your furnace, please let us know the brand name and model of your equipment. You should find it in your owner’s materials or on the actual unit. You’ll need to let us know what problems you are experiencing as well. Does the system turn on at all? Is there heat? Have you checked for utility outages or tripped switches?

We will schedule an appointment for service. Upon our arrival, we first take time to troubleshoot your furnace and related components of your system. We will provide a recommendation for repairs and provide an estimate of costs. Your approval is needed to proceed with the repairs. We will work quickly to get your furnace fixed.

Follow Up Suggestions

Our Brunswick customers are discovering that they can avoid frustrating disruptions with their home heating in the winter by having a tune-up done on their equipment in the fall. Our tune-up service is an opportunity to make adjustments to moving parts and fittings, ensuring that your equipment performs at manufacturer standards.

We check belts and blowers. We make sure that your ductwork is in good shape. We evaluate your system’s performance and give you a realistic assessment of its lifespan. Most importantly, we catch potential problems that could lead to a mid-winter furnace repair issue if left unchecked. We’ll recommend repairs as needed. You’ll have the benefit of being able to take care of them before the weather gets bad.

HVAC Trends and Equipment Innovations

We can help you plan ahead for the eventual replacement of your existing furnace. You can expect about two decades of service from a furnace, but modern equipment can be much more efficient than that of even a few years ago. Our contractors can help you assess benefits of new equipment. They can also give you an overview of current incentives in the industry that can cut costs.

Our contractors are also familiar with supplemental equipment that can work in tandem with your furnace to improve air quality. Whether you are concerned with cold and flu germs circulating or whether you struggle with the dryness of your home when the heater is running, you will find unique equipment options.