We Provide Dependable Furnace Installation in Macon

Published on: December 21, 2012

When winter weather arrives in Macon, many home and business owners realize that their furnaces won’t last another season. If you find yourself in this position, it is important to find a furnace installation company you can trust as soon as possible. If you have never scheduled furnace installation in Macon, the first thing you need to do is contact one of our local HVAC companies to inquire about service availability. You can also request a free estimate at this time. Your estimate for furnace installation services should include parts, labor, manufacturer’s warranty information and the dealership’s service guarantee.

When to Consider New Furnace Installation

If you have owned your furnace for more than 12 years, you could greatly improve your energy efficiency by making an upgrade to a newer unit. The reason for this is that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) passed legislation in 2000 that mandated minimum energy efficiency standards for all HVAC equipment. Older units may be only 60 percent efficient, whereas new furnaces today may be 95 percent efficient or even greater.

It may be difficult to decide to replace your furnace if it still works, but you need to consider how energy efficient it is. If you are constantly scheduling repair appointments and your heating  bill goes up every month, these are good indications that your furnace is past its prime. Despite the fact that you have upfront costs with new installation, you can recover your investment in a short amount of time by having a more energy efficient furnace installed.

How Energy Efficiency Ratings are Determined for Gas Furnaces

Since 2000, all new gas furnaces must display an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating on its packaging. This rating refers to the percentage of fuel that the furnace burns to heat your home or business and the amount that gets vented outdoors. For example, a furnace with an AFUE rating of 90 percent wastes just 10 percent of its available fuel when providing you with heat. The minimum AFUE rating on a gas furnace is 78 percent. If you prefer to have a heat pump installed, speak with our service technician about the benefits as well as energy efficiency ratings.

What to Expect Once Your New Gas Furnace is Installed

On the day of installation, make sure that you have cleared the area surrounding your existing furnace so technicians can easily do their work. You should also plan to be available to consult with our service technicians one last time before your new furnace gets installed. The process can take most of a business day.

After your new furnace is installed, you should notice an immediate improvement in your comfort level as well as a decrease in your utility bills. To keep your new furnace running at maximum efficiency, consider signing up for our annual preventative maintenance contract.  This is one of the most important services we provide in addition to dependable furnace installation.