We Diagnose Heating and Air Problems in Columbus

Published on: December 7, 2012

Are you experiencing heating and air problems in Columbus? We have spent many years serving the community with a comprehensive range of HVAC services. Give us a call to schedule diagnostic services and repairs in Columbus.

Experts in HVAC

Our contractors are highly trained in dealing with heating and air problems, participating in regular seminars and classes to keep up with current trends and equipment. We use the right parts and tools to address each piece of equipment we encounter. Our licenses and certifications are always current, and we place a high priority on making sure that our customers are 100% satisfied with our work.

Helpful Information

When you contact us about heating and air problems, it’s helpful if you have some basic information about your system available. Explain the problem you are experiencing in as much detail as possible and let us know your equipment brand and model. We will schedule a diagnostic service call so that we can deal with your issue quickly.

Our technicians will troubleshoot issues with your equipment. When they have determined needed repairs, they will put together a quote and request your authorization. They will work quickly and precisely to get your heating and cooling equipment in working order.

Common Heating and Air Problems

The most serious issue with your HVAC system is its failure to operate. It’s always helpful to check for power or gas problems. Check your electrical box for a tripped switch. Check other gas appliances to find out whether there is a utility disruption. Make sure that your thermostat isn’t off.

In some cases, the system will operate but won’t heat or cool. In other cases, you may experience poor airflow in some or all parts of your home. You can check your filter to make sure that it isn’t clogged. It’s wise to start your summer cooling and winter heating seasons with new, clean filters so that your system is able to function optimally. Check the filters monthly for excess dirt. You can also check for obstructions over your vents. Occasionally, a stray sock or child’s toy can end up in a vent and create airflow problems.

Sometimes, heating and air problems aren’t obvious. Rather, you may notice that your energy costs skyrocket unexpectedly during warm or cold weather. We can help you analyze your system to pinpoint problems that may be leading to heat exchange and high costs.

Following Up with Annual Maintenance

Our Columbus customers have begun to recognize that an HVAC tune-up is a great investment. Service provided ahead of summer or winter can enable us to pinpoint problems before your system has a chance to malfunction. We make adjustments and check for frailties in your system, bringing it up to manufacturer specifications. This improves efficiency and helps keep your energy costs down. It also extends the life of your equipment. If we see problems that could lead to a later malfunction, we will make recommendations for repairs.