Fast and Honest Quotes for Home Heating in Baxley

Published on: December 21, 2012

The winters in Baxley may not be harsh, but a reliable home heating system is still important for keeping your household comfortable. When you need a repair, it’s important to know that your contractor will work quickly to address the problem. Honest quotes are equally important, and our contractors are known for operating with integrity and expertise.

Our Services

We have provided service for home heating in Baxley for many years, and we are able to quickly diagnose and solve problems with a variety of brands and systems. In fact, we provide comprehensive HVAC services throughout the year.

We participate in regular training, keeping our certifications and licenses current. We are able to provide repairs, new system installations and maintenance services to our regional clients. We address both commercial and residential needs.

When we come out for diagnostic and repair services, we take a short period of time to pinpoint problems. We follow this with a quote for repair needs. Your authorization is necessary before we proceed with actual repair work.

Common Home Heating Problems

One of the most serious problems with your furnace or heat pump can be its failure to operate. Check to make sure that the thermostat is correctly set. Verify that your pilot is lighted on your gas furnace. Make sure that you don’t have an electrical switch off. Check your gas appliances to make sure that your problem isn’t related to a disruption in utility service. Contact us with information about what you’ve tried. It will help us in our preliminary research if you let us know the brand and model of your equipment.

Another common issue is inconsistent heating in the home. Airflow issues may be caused by a problem with your blower or by leaks in your ducts. Blockages in ductwork can prevent some rooms from heating correctly. Make sure that there aren’t obstructions over vents. You can remove registers in affected rooms to be sure that a mischievous child hasn’t hidden a toy in the vent. Our technicians will check blowers and ducts to determine the cause of poor airflow and heating.

High Winter Bills

We receive many calls related to high energy bills during the winter. We can do an energy analysis to determine if your home heating is at fault. Leaky ducts can play a role in higher bills. Insufficient attic insulation can also be at fault. Thermostat settings can be involved in the problem. Some families discover that an individual in the household is raising settings and causing a heater to run more than necessary. We will troubleshoot and make recommendations for structural and behavioral strategies for reducing your costs.

Winter Air Quality

We are encountering more frequent winter calls about air quality in local homes. Home heating can create an uncomfortably dry environment, and we can provide suggestions for improving the situation. Whether you are interested in a humidification system or a humidifying furnace, we are qualified to recommend and install appropriate equipment for your home. We can also discuss air purification systems if your concerns are related to germs spreading during the cold and flu season.