We Diagnose Furnace Repairs in Mobile

Published on: December 7, 2012

Are you experiencing problems with your furnace during the Mobile winter? It’s important to take care of your equipment right away so that the issue doesn’t worsen. We can schedule you for a diagnostic visit to troubleshoot your system. Our experts specialize in all aspects of HVAC installation and service, including furnace repairs in Mobile and the surrounding areas.

Honest Evaluations of Your Equipment

The scenarios related to calls for furnace repairs may vary, but our initial steps are the same. Whether your furnace is working badly or not working at all, we will schedule an appointment and come out to your site to make a diagnosis. Upon pinpointing the source of the problem, we will compile our recommendations and provide you with an estimate for the related costs. Authorization is necessary for us to proceed with furnace repairs.

We will provide you with a realistic evaluation of your system. While repair is usually possible, there’s always the possibility that your existing equipment can’t be fixed. If this is the case, we will provide you with some options for replacing your current furnace with new equipment.

It’s also possible that your equipment may be extremely inefficient in spite of our work. Your furnace can last almost 20 years. As it ages, though, it will operate less efficiently and cost you more in energy bills. There is a point at which an upgrade makes much more sense than repair. You should plan for the eventual replacement of your equipment. We can help you evaluate the benefits and savings with a new furnace.

Post-Repair Service Suggestions

Our tune-up service for HVAC equipment has become more popular in recent years, especially for customers with older systems. We make adjustments that will optimize your furnace so that it runs as efficiently as possible. We also check for cracks, leaks and other signs of damage that could lead to a future malfunction. While we can’t eliminate every possibility of a system problem during the winter, we do catch many issues before they become serious.

It’s also important that you monitor your system when it is functioning. Make sure that you start the winter with a new filter. Check monthly to make sure that your filter isn’t overly caked with dirt. Keep your heat registers free from obstructions. Consider upgrading your thermostat if you have a non-programmable model. Every step you take to keep your system from being stressed is a step to avoid future furnace repairs.