Call for Low Cost HVAC Repair in Dalton

Published on: December 7, 2012

You may wonder if you can find a source for low cost HVAC repair in Dalton. We have serviced heating and cooling systems in the community for many years, and we are known for excellent customer service and affordable pricing. Contact us to schedule a diagnostic call today.

Our HVAC Expertise

We maintain licenses and certifications in our trade so that we are always prepared to provide the best HVAC repair based on your equipment and needs. We participate in specialized training offered by our manufacturers so that we are prepared to deal with the unique components of every system. Our services range from installation to repair and maintenance in residential and commercial facilities.

Equipment Repair Services

Most of our HVAC repair calls are the result of system malfunctions or failures during seasonal use. It’s important to make sure that conditions aren’t so severe that your family is in danger due to the home’s temperatures. This is more common during extreme weather, and we work quickly in such situations to get your system up and running.

We will request some basic information about your system when you contact us for service. Knowing your equipment brand and model number in advance will enable us to do some initial research related to common issues with the equipment. We can be sure that we have correct parts and tools on hand. When we arrive, we will troubleshoot to determine what repairs are needed. Upon your approval of our estimate, we will get your HVAC repair completed.

Following Up with Maintenance of Your System

One of the best ways to avoid having a system problem is by doing some basic maintenance. Keep your outdoor equipment free of debris. Make sure you start both winter and summer months with a new filter. Check your filter each month for buildup of dirt, and change it as needed. Keep your vents free of furnishings and other materials.

Consider scheduling preseason tune-up service with our contractors. Our Dalton customers are recognizing the value of having their systems optimized to improve efficiency and lower energy bills. You can extend the life of your equipment while making sure that any system problems are identified and repaired before bad weather arrives.

Assessing the Need to Replace Equipment

Repairs are generally more affordable than replacing your equipment, but sometimes a new unit is the only alternative. We will provide you with an honest analysis of the condition of your HVAC equipment so that you can make the best decision. We can help you explore consumer incentives related to upgrading to energy efficient choices. You may find that your savings in energy costs with new equipment will quickly help you recoup your investment. Additionally, consumer tax credits for eligible equipment can help you save.