We Fix Home Heating in Montgomery

Published on: December 7, 2012

You might think that you can manage for the remainder of the winter without fixing your home heating in Montgomery. However, using an inefficient system can cost you a lot more than you realize. If a winter storm hits, you may regret not fixing your heat pump or furnace. We provide many services related to home heating in the area, and we can help you get your heating back on track.

About Our Services

We have serviced HVAC systems in Montgomery for many years and are familiar with the community and the climate. We are dedicated to providing professional work and excellent customer service. We realize that repairs can be costly, especially during winter months. However, if you neglect fixing your home heating, you may find that the situation becomes even more expensive. It’s much cheaper to repair a piece of equipment than to replace it in most cases.

What to Expect

When you call, you will need to provide us with a little bit of information about your home heating system. Do you have a furnace or a heat pump? Is the system functioning at all? What problems are you having? What are the brand and model of your equipment?

We will make an appointment to diagnose your system. After we’ve thoroughly inspected your equipment, we will prepare a quote for repairs and wait for your authorization to proceed with the work. We can also compare the cost of installing and operating a new home heating system if your current equipment is beyond repair.

Preventing System Malfunctions

Our preventative maintenance program is becoming more popular as consumers recognize the value of a tune-up for their HVAC equipment. Our technicians can examine your system and make adjustments where needed. We check for fuel leaks and loose fittings. We will lubricate moving parts and clean coils. We can examine the condition of your ducts to make sure there are no problems with mold, dirt or leaky connections. A tune-up can improve the efficiency of your system, lowering your home heating costs.

A great side benefit of this visit is that we can pinpoint problems in your system that could indicate a pending malfunction. While we can’t avoid every system problem, it’s nice to have an early awareness of the potential so that repairs can be made before winter arrives.

Pending Replacement of Heating Equipment

We will provide you with an honest assessment of your system whether we are doing a tune-up or repairs. Heating equipment doesn’t last forever, and it’s important to plan for eventual replacement of your unit. We can help you examine the costs and compare that to the benefits of an upgrade so that you can make the best decision related to new heating products.