We are the Experts for Furnace Repair in Albany

Published on: December 7, 2012

Are you trying to find a reputable contractor for furnace repair in Albany? Our expert contractors have served the community for many years. You can contact us to discuss your needs and schedule a service call.

Experience Matters

We keep our licenses and certifications in the HVAC industry up to date so that we are prepared to deal with all needs in the Albany area. We can service your commercial or home heating equipment correctly and quickly. We’ve spent plenty of time in the region, and we are familiar with the climate trends and their impact on heating needs.

Scheduling Service

If your furnace repair needs were unexpected, you are probably facing uncomfortable conditions in your home or business. Make sure that family members are safe, especially if weather conditions are serious. We will schedule your service as quickly as possible.

When you contact us, we will need an overview of what problems you are experiencing with your furnace. Let us know your brand name and model number so that we can do some initial research related to your equipment. When we arrive, we will work quickly to pinpoint problems and prepare a quote for your furnace repair. With your authorization, we will proceed with the necessary work to get your equipment working correctly.

After Your Service

We recommend that you begin each winter with a brand new filter so that your system can function optimally. Check your filter monthly when your heating is in use. Keep your vents and registers clear of curtains, furniture and other materials. If you have children, make sure that you check periodically for stray toys or clothing that may get into these areas.

We also recommend annual tune-ups for the furnaces and HVAC equipment of our Albany customers. Having your system optimized before winter arrives can help improve its efficiency and lower your heating costs. We will make adjustments to loose fittings and other moving parts, lubricating where appropriate. We will examine your equipment for cracks, leaks and other signs of frailty that might indicate a pending problem with your furnace. Preventive service can be done at your convenience, much more beneficial than an unexpected furnace repair.

Air Quality and Home Heating

Many of our customers are discovering that we have great information about improving air quality during winter months. One of the biggest challenges with running a furnace is that it seems to draw all of the moisture out of the air. Dry skin and static electricity are uncomfortable side effects. We can provide you with information about humidifying furnaces and other humidification systems that work in conjunction with a furnace to improve indoor humidity. A side benefit is that your thermostat settings can be lower to heat the environment comfortably, saving you money.

You may also be interested in air purification systems that work with your central HVAC equipment. The cold and flu season is not pleasant, and a purification system can help protect your family. Contact us for more information.