How Can I Check Air Quality in My Home?

Published on: February 4, 2013

As a homeowner, you may consider air quality testing since the air in your home can negatively affect your health. If you discover a problem, then you can take steps to improve your indoor air quality. In most homes, the indoor air suffers from several factors including improper ventilation, fungus growth, radon and dust mites.

Can I check the air quality in my home?

To test your home’s indoor air quality, you can purchase kits that you can safely use inside your home. Once you have confirmation of an air quality problem, you may consider hiring a contractor to address the issue.


Ineffective ventilation can cause unhealthy air to accumulate in your home because the indoor air will not receive dilution from outside sources. Ventilation issues will also prevent polluted air from escaping your home. High levels of humidity and excessive indoor temperatures are other factors that may be decreasing your home’s indoor air quality.


Mold will cause your home’s air quality to decrease. Fortunately, you can check for the dangerous fungus with a mold and mildew test kit. You can trust the accuracy of the test, and it is user-friendly. Once you’ve completed the procedure, you will send the kit to a lab for experts to analyze the results. Mold can cause allergy sufferers to experience symptoms. Also, if you or a family member has sinusitis, mold can also aggravate this condition.


When uranium is present in the soil, radon gas can enter the home. Radon can cause lung cancer. Furthermore, it is a substance that you cannot see, taste or smell. You can purchase a radon kit to test for the chemical in your home. To test for radon gas, you will open the kit and leave it untouched for three days. The kit is then sent to a lab for processing.

Dust Mites

If you or a member of your family suffer from severe allergy symptoms, then you may consider testing your residence for dust mites. In some homes, they form in massive numbers. In fact, large concentrations of dust mites are almost poisonous. To test for dust mites, you will need a specialized kit that requires a sample. Once you’ve collected the sample, you’ll send the kit to a laboratory.

Air Quality Resolutions

With a dust mite problem, you may consider air duct cleaning. In addition, you should invest in special vacuum filters to keep the mites from coming back. You may also add dust mite resistant bedding and window treatments to your home. You will need professional help to eliminate radon gases and mold.

With air quality testing, you can confirm whether your home’s air requires treatment. We can help you choose the right remedy to gain fresh air that is free of allergens and contaminants.

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