Tips for Lowering Your Energy Costs

Published on: March 15, 2013

If you are interested in lowering your energy costs, then you may consider several different methods. For instance, an energy efficient air conditioner will decrease your utility bills. You can also upgrade your windows and insulation to acquire even more energy savings.

Air Conditioners

Modern air conditioners feature technological advancements to provide greater efficiency. If you currently have an older unit that was produced 10 or more years ago, then a new system will help decrease your energy costs. Keep in mind that a new highly efficient unit will cost you more initially, but over time, the system will pay for itself with lower utility bills. Furthermore, the unit will emit fewer greenhouse gases into the environment. Air conditioning energy costs are based upon the unit’s Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, which the industry defines as the system’s SEER rating. This equipment rating will help you determine the level of energy efficiency.

AC Maintenance

If you have a new efficient air conditioner installed, you can keep the unit in peak operating condition by contacting us for regular maintenance. During a service call, we will remove your unit’s air filter and replace it with a device that features a high Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, or MERV, rating. You should change your air filter every one to six months depending on the level of debris that accumulates. Our maintenance visit will also include an inspection of your home’s ductwork to check for leaks. We will clean the interior and exterior components of your AC system and check for standing water, which can cause mold growth. When mold accumulates near or within your unit, your home’s air quality will suffer. Our crew can also install a programmable thermostat, which will help you control your AC system more effectively to lower your energy costs.


You can improve your home’s energy efficiency by upgrading your insulation. While shopping for insulation, be sure to purchase a product with a high R-value to gain more protection for your home. The proper insulation will permit your air conditioning unit to cool your home more economically.

Ceiling Fans

The addition of ceiling fans will help you effectively regulate the temperature of your residence. Ceiling fans use little power to operate, and manufacturers create different designs and mounts, which will help you choose the right model for your home. Reversible fans control your home’s temperatures in both the winter and summer. During warm months, the fan will create a downdraft that moves cold air throughout the room. In reverse mode for winter, the fans will cause an updraft, which will distribute warm air evenly around a room.

By lowering your energy costs, you will reduce your home’s negative effect on the environment while increasing the money that you have in your budget.