How do Air Ducts Work?

Published on: April 11, 2013

Your air ducts play a crucial role in the operation of your HVAC system. They are initially placed during the construction of your home, prior to your HVAC installation. They are essential for proper ventilation and the delivery of warm or cold air throughout your home. Duct problems can lead to high energy bills. Our experts can diagnose and correct problems with your air ducts.

How Do Air Ducts Actually Work?

The circuit of ducts provides a route for air to move through your home. A fan forces air over coils for heating or cooling and creates the air movement through the system. Return ducts bring the air back from these areas and into the heating and cooling space.

How Can I Tell if There Are Problems?

There are typically two major indicators of problems with your ductwork. If your energy bill is unusually high and out of sync with current climate conditions, there is a possibility of leaky ducts. Similarly, if you have a room that struggles to maintain consistent temperatures, a duct leak may be at fault. It’s even possible that there may be a disconnected section of ductwork.

How Should I Fix a Leaky Duct?

While it might seem to be a viable DIY project, duct sealing should be handled by a professional. Improper duct sealing can affect your energy bills and your system’s performance and lifespan. An expert will use the correct materials for sealing. A common misperception is that duct tape is perfect for sealing leaky joints. However, our contractors use a specialty tape with long-lasting adhesives. Additionally, appropriate tapes are fire-resistant.

Accessing your ducts may be a challenge. Our contractors provide HVAC services in a variety of settings and are familiar with different construction scenarios. We are equipped and trained to quickly determine the locations of leaky ducts and make the necessary repairs.

Additional Duct Problems

While our most common duct service involves sealing and fixing, there can also be challenges with mold and dirt. Humid climates are especially prone to the development of mold. You coils can facilitate the growth of mold, and it can spread into your home environment by circulating through your ducts. We provide duct cleaning services if mold is identified. We also recommend UV lamps for killing mold on coils. We can provide you with information about related products and schedule an installation.

How Can I Avoid Leaks in My Ductwork?

The best way to avoid problems is through annual HVAC services. We provide tune-ups for your equipment components, making sure that your air conditioner and heater are functioning at their optimum. Maintenance steps include inspecting all ductwork, recharging refrigerant, tightening loose parts, lubricating moving parts and checking for broken components. We also check your thermostat and settings.

This yearly service will help your equipment operate efficiently. It also improves the life of your equipment. We recommend having your tune-up performed before summer or winter so that we can address problems before the weather changes. Identifying problems with your ductwork during nice weather will allow us to correct them quickly so that your energy bill doesn’t suffer.