Save Big With HVAC Rebates & Tax Incentives

Published on: June 13, 2013

Replacing a heating or cooling system is a major investment. Although upgrading your HVAC equipment can raise the property value of your home, it’s not something to be taken lightly. You want the best system at the lowest price. The good news is that whether you’re in the market for a furnace, heat pump, geothermal system, central air conditioner or mini split system, the savings right now can be substantial.

Energy Efficient Products Offer Maximum Savings

With the current focus on energy conservation, state, federal and local governments offer many incentives to encourage the purchase of efficient heating and cooling products. Generally speaking, the higher the efficiency rating of your system, the more money you’ll save. You might also qualify for utility company, ENERGY STAR, dealer or manufacturers’ rebates. So even though a new heating or cooling system is a significant expense, there’s never been a better time to get exactly what you want at the lowest possible price. What’s more, an energy-efficient HVAC installation will save money on your utility bills every day.

25C Federal Tax Incentives

Perhaps the most lucrative discount for an energy-efficient heating or cooling installation is the 25C federal tax credit. If you upgrade to a qualifying system before the end of 2013, you can claim a total tax credit of up to $500. Air conditioners and heat pumps qualify for up to $300, furnaces qualify for up to $150, and main circulating air fans qualify for up to $50. The systems must be installed in your primary residence, and the efficiency ratings of the products must meet certain criteria. Federal tax incentives also apply to other energy-efficient home improvements like exterior door, roof and window seals, insulation installations and hot water heaters.

State, Local and Utility Discounts

Many states, cities and utility companies offer rebates for energy-efficient heating and cooling installations. Although state funds are provided by the federal government, states administer their own programs which vary from state to state. Contact your heating and cooling contractor to learn more about energy incentive programs in your area.

ENERGY STAR Incentives

There are certain high-efficiency heating and cooling products that qualify for ENERGY STAR Partners discounts. Your purchase might qualify for anything from a product rebate or sales tax exemption to a recycling incentive.

Bryant® And Carrier® Rebates

A Factory Authorized Dealer in your area can tell you how much you would save with a Bryant® or Carrier® heating or cooling installation. Many dealers offer discounts of up to $1,750 on select systems.

Contact A Bryant® Or Carrier® Dealer Near You

AC Southeast® is a group of Factory Authorized Bryant® and Carrier® dealers with a established track record of professional service. On their website, you can quickly find a contractor near you. Our dealers can assess your indoor comfort needs and recommend products that are both efficient and economical. They offer free in-home consultations and written estimates. Best of all, they will help you claim all the savings for which your new HVAC purchase qualifies.

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