How Often Should You Have Your Air Conditioner Serviced?

Published on: July 29, 2013

You’ve probably heard that you should have your air conditioner serviced regularly. The HVAC contractors at Air Conditioning South East recommend preventive maintenance every spring, just before the warm weather begins. Your system works 24/7 to keep you cool, and it needs regular care to perform properly.

Benefits Of Air Conditioner Maintenance

When you treat your cooling system to regular maintenance, it will keep you comfortable and save you money. Here are some advantages of a yearly tuneup:

  • Longer AC lifespan. The average lifespan of an air conditioner is from 10 to 20 years, but some can last up to 30 years. How long your system lasts will depend on how well it’s maintained. Cooling systems that receive little or no care may not even last for 10 years.
  • Lower utility bills. When an AC system is serviced regularly, it performs more efficiently. The more efficiently it performs, the less you’ll spend on electricity.
  • Peace of mind. With regular service, you’ll know your cooling system is in good working order. Parts can be replaced before they wear out and damage your equipment.
  • Fewer repair bills. Any condition that could potentially cause a breakdown can be caught early and corrected by your service technician.
  • Greater indoor comfort. An air conditioning system that’s not maintained may still work, but it won’t work as well as it will with regular preventive care.

Keep Your Cooling System Healthy Between Tuneups

In between annual maintenance visits, here are some things you can do to keep your AC running smoothly:

  • Periodically inspect the outdoor unit for damage, and keep the area around the unit free of dirt, debris, weeds, foliage, leaves and twigs.
  • Turn up the thermostat when you’re not home or on vacation. This will lessen the load on your system, and it will last longer.
  • Make sure indoor air vents are free of lint, dust, obstructions, hair and pet dander.
  • Call for AC repair if you notice weird noises, water leaks, uneven cooling, air temperature that doesn’t match the thermostat or rising utility bills.

Replace Air Filters Every Month

If your air filter gets clogged with dust and dirt, the AC will have to work harder to produce cool air. This can tax the system, raise utility bills and damage the motor. A dirty filter can also harbor contaminants that blow into your home and pollute indoor air. Clean or replace filters every month unless you are told otherwise. If you live in a very dusty area or have pets, you may need to change the filters even more frequently. Check the filters visually; if they look dirty, it’s time to change them out.

The Factory Authorized Dealers at Air Conditioning South East offer periodic specials on air conditioner maintenance. If you live in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi or South Carolina, you can quickly locate a reputable contractor near you.