How We Recharge Air Conditioners

Published on: July 2, 2013

Your business or home air conditioner is designed to keep you cool inside no matter how hot it gets outside. If it seems like your air conditioner is losing its cooling power and just can’t perform like it used to, it’s time to ask a professional HVAC technician to determine if refrigerant levels are low. Having your air conditioner recharged is a great way to increase its cooling power, boost efficiency and provide for your own comfort. The licensed contractors you’ll find through Air Conditioning South East have the certification necessary to buy, handle and refill refrigerants for all types of HVAC systems.

Understanding Air Conditioner Recharges

Whether you use a central air or ductless system, your air conditioner unit relies on refrigerant to create pleasantly cooled air. If your air conditioner was made before 2010, it likely uses Freon, an older refrigerant that is being phased out of use because it has a detrimental effect on the ozone. If your air conditioner is newer, it likely uses Puron or a similar refrigerant to create cool air without destroying the environment.

When you buy your air conditioner and have it installed, it is fully charged with Freon or Puron. Over time, the refrigerant may be used up, evaporate or leak. When refrigerant levels dip too low, your AC unit will lose cooling power and must be recharged. We recommend that you have your air conditioner recharged as part of your yearly cooling system maintenance appointment.

Why is Recharging Important?

Some homeowners might not experience any discomfort when refrigerant levels in their air conditioners start to run low. However, it is still important to have refrigerants recharged when they have dropped below recommended levels. This helps your air conditioner to work efficiently and will allow you to control energy costs without sacrificing comfort.

Can I Recharge Air Conditioner Units Myself?

Many homeowners wonder if they can refill air conditioning units on their own. Doing so is never a good idea as refrigerant can be dangerous when not handled properly. In addition, many chemical suppliers will only sell refrigerant to licensed HVAC contractors.

The Recharging Process

Recharging your air conditioning unit is a relatively simple process and should not take very long. During the recharging appointment, your technician will:

  • Perform an inspection of your unit and measure refrigerant levels.
  • Determine the type of refrigerant your unit uses.
  • Refill the refrigerant to manufacturer-specified levels.
  • If necessary, old refrigerant will be removed from your system and disposed of safely.


Can You Use Freon to Recharge Air Conditioners?

Federal regulations prohibit manufacturers from making new air conditioning units that use Freon. However, if your unit was built before 2010, we can still refill it with Freon for you. It is important to remember that the price of Freon is likely to increase dramaticaly over the next decade due to the phase out.

Working with Air Conditioner Recharge Specialists

At Air Conditioning South East, we take pride in matching customers throughout the southeastern U.S. with reliable HVAC contractors. Use our free, online tools today to find a contractor in your area who can take care of all your air conditioner recharging needs.