Know How to Air Condition a Garage? We Can Help

Published on: August 30, 2013

You may be one of the many people in the Southeast U.S. who uses their garage as a workshop as much as a place to park your car. Typically, garages are not insulated and can become stifling hot and uncomfortable. Adding an air conditioner may be the perfect solution.

How to Air Condition a Garage:

  • Window units:
    • Very economical choice
    • Great for occasional cooling or smaller spaces
  • Portable air conditioners:
    • Versatile and relatively inexpensive
    • On wheels to enable placement where needed
    • Often very noisy

How to Air Condition a Garage Using a Window Unit:

  • The size of the needed unit is determined by the square footage of the garage. Start with the premise that a 500-square foot garage will require a 12,000 BTU air conditioner.
  • Know the required BTUs and the measurements of the window before purchasing any unit, and be sure electricity is available.
  • Use strips of insulation, wood and/or caulk to seal around the unit.

How to Air Condition a Garage Using a Portable Unit:

  • Portable air conditioners are not typically the best option for cooling a garage.
  • Depending on the garage size and the heat load, portable units may constantly cycle on and off in an attempt to lower the garage temperature. This on/off action may greatly reduce the life of the unit’s compressor.
  • Portable air conditioners should be vented outside to disperse the heated air. This can be accomplished through a window or a hole cut into the side of the garage for the exhaust hose.

How to Air Condition a Garage Using Other Options:

  • Wall mount air conditioners:
    • Good choice for garages without windows
    • Necessary to cut opening through exterior wall
    • Appropriate for larger garages
  • Evaporative “Swamp” coolers:
    • Require a water source
    • Warm air is pulled through damp pads which cool the air
    • Cooled, moist air is blown into the garage
    • Advantage of operating on standard 120-volt electricity

Many variables must be considered when selecting and installing the best air conditioning system for your garage. Obviously, it will help considerably to include adequate insulation. The experts at AirConditioningSouthEast.com can help you find the perfect unit for your needs, and can make sure it is properly installed. Contact us today.

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