5 Myths About Home Energy Savings That May Surprise You

Published on: September 23, 2013

When it comes to energy savings, homeowners have many practical options for lowering consumption and utility costs. But some commonly accepted actions will certainly not help you conserve energy, and may even increase your cooling costs.

Turning Off the A/C Saves Energy

When no one’s in the house, you may think that turning off the air conditioning is the wisest way to save energy. During moderately warm weather, this is likely the case. However, in hot weather, not so much. If you leave the A/C off for hours, then run it after you get back, it will use a lot of energy struggling to regain a comfortable temperature and may take hours to get there. A better option is to use a programmable thermostat, setting the temperature several degrees higher while you’re gone.

Running Your A/C Full Blast Will Cool Faster

Sometimes it seems that if you set the thermostat to a much lower temperature, the air will cool faster. But it really won’t get to your comfort zone any faster that way.

Ceiling Fans Keep Empty Rooms Cool

Ceiling fans can effectively lower your energy costs by providing a cooling, wind-chill effect for occupants of a room. This means you can turn up the A/C a few degrees, or turn it off entirely, while still feeling comfortable. But once a room is no longer occupied, there’s no one to feel that cooling effect. Turn off fans in rooms after the people leave.

Closing Registers Is Energy Efficient

Your central-air system is probably sized and designed to cool the whole house. If you close off too many registers, it will throw the system out of balance, and not save much energy anyway. One room probably won’t make a big different, but avoid closing off any more than that. When registers are closed, the air is still being forced through the ducts to that vent, and you’re wasting money keeping the ducts frigid.

Air Conditioning Is All You Need for Cooling Off

When you’ve cut back on your A/C usage and you’re still not saving enough, think of other ways to stay cool. Spend more time in your finished basement, learn to rely on fans, don’t cook or wash dishes during the hot part of the day, and more.

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