The Energy Star Logo: What It Tells Homeowners About HVAC Equipment

Published on: November 21, 2013

Created by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Energy Star program is designed to help make quality, energy efficient products easier to find. Products with the Energy Star logo provide significantly better energy efficiency than other similar products while still offering the same performance and features. These concerns are especially important to consider when buying HVAC equipment. Heating and cooling are the largest sources of energy consumption in most homes, so the extra efficiency can result in especially large energy savings.

The program may have been started by the EPA as a way to decrease greenhouse gas emissions, but that’s not the only benefit energy-efficient equipment offers. By using less energy to do the same task, more efficient equipment results in lower energy bills. This is important because more efficient equipment usually costs more to purchase. Increased energy efficiency is usually due to technology that has to be researched and developed, which results in the products costing more. They also may cost more because they require more components to operate as efficiently as they do.

Part of the criteria the EPA uses for establishing the standards for Energy Star certification is that the savings in energy bills will eventually make up for the higher purchase price of the product. This means if you’re looking for the most economical HVAC equipment for your home, you’ll actually want to look at the efficient Energy Star models even though they are higher priced. You’ll be able to identify them due to the Energy Star logo that is located on the yellow “EnergyGuide” tag. This tag also includes an approximation of the cost of the electricity it will take to run the equipment for one year, which can be helpful for estimating how much savings you will see over the years.

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