WiFi Thermostats: See What They Can Do for You

Published on: February 4, 2014

Are you looking for a way to wrest more control over your home’s energy costs each month? WiFi thermostats offer a number of exciting features. Thermostats have come a long way since the old-school manual models, and it’s easy to see why newer models are becoming a staple in homes.

Manual vs. Programmable

When you place a manual thermostat against a programmable model, there really is no comparison. With a manual thermostat, any temperature change you want to make must be done – you guessed it – manually. When programmable thermostats were introduced, they immediately attracted millions of homeowners with their ability to set temperate changes ahead of time based on specific days and times. Not only did this make controlling home comfort much easier, it also helped many homeowners get their heating and cooling costs under control.

Programmable vs. WiFi

Despite the advancements made by programmable thermostats, the push for better technology is always there. That’s the explanation for “smart” and WiFi thermostats – to provide an even greater amount of control. These devices feature all of the great benefits of programmable thermostats, plus these important additions:

  • WiFi connectivity – Staying connected to your HVAC system has never been easier. Just access the thermostat through any Internet connection and make the necessary changes.
  • Smartphone app – No laptop computer around? That’s fine. Simply download the required app to your smartphone and make alterations that way.
  • Reporting – A great way to gain better control over your energy usage is to understand how your energy is being used. Reports can be emailed to you based on a number of parameters.
  • Sensors – Some WiFi thermostats can utilize sensors inside and outside your home, allowing you to track temperatures. And, if your home has a zoning system, you can carry a sensor with you to automatically change your location’s temperature.

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